"What should I get for my first -Concealed Weapon"

Discussion in 'Oregon Gun Forum' started by Abram, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Abram

    Abram New Member

    Doing some research for my first weapon to carry and to practice. Not too sure what my best options are between Glock 19 or 17 or M&P (9mm). The primary is to is carry.

    My second question is where can I go to do some outdoor practicing, near the Salem Oregon area.

    {Any feedback/reply is appreciated- Please note this is my first post and being a gun owner.}
  2. Rick1967

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    Welcome to the Forum. Stop by the introductions thread and say hello.

    Have you fired a gun before? I would check the phone book to see if there is a range that rents guns. It would be nice to try before you buy. Something may feel great in your hand. But then after a couple of magazines of shooting you may not like it at all.

  3. dog2000tj

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    Carrying a handgun is a personal choice that varies from person to person. Tops on my concerns would be fit and feel followed by firepower. If you haven't carried before or do not have proficiency with a handgun you may want to check out this thread


    Best advice I can give - find a range that rents handguns, try as many as you need to find one you are comfortable with. Then practice ..... a lot :)
  4. c3shooter

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    Good advice above. We get folks here that range from "never shot" to "trainer of instructors", and we have no way of knowing where you fit in the degree of experience.

    One point frequently overlooked for everyday carry is WEIGHT. Yeah, that .88 Magnum Dino Killer would stop an elephant. Too bad that when the day comes that the elephant shows up, your gun is in the safe instead of on your belt- you had grown tired of the weight.

    The other factor is reliability. As close to 100.00000% as possible, THAT gun works for YOU every time the trigger is pulled.

    In the meantime, we're glad you found your way to us. DO stop by the intro thread and say hello. Hopefully some local folks will drop around and offer some suggestions on a good place to shoot near you.
  5. Mongo

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    Where to shoot

    Abram, There are some areas west of Dallas on BLM land where shooting is legal. The BLM office is off south Commercial. The map for this area is the "Salem Westside Recreation Map". I think it costs about $5. There is a shooting area on Gooseneck Road. I suggest you study the map because the road weaves in and out of BLM land.

    I also suggest you consider going to Lebanon Indoor Shooting range. They have rental pistols.($10 per hour) It will be cheaper than buying the wrong pistol.
    Shooting there costs $10 per hour. You can bring your own ammo and targets if you wish. Their phone is 541 258 5305. The wife and I shoot there when it's raining.
    Lastly there is a pawn shop across from the Wal-Mart named "Fast Cash" that has the best prices on pistols I've found in this area.541 259 1112
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  6. Abram

    Abram New Member

    Thanks, will check this area out this month.
  7. pioneer461

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    The brand and model of gun is up to you. Not all guns fit all hands & wrists, so it is a very personal choice that only you can make. I recommend a well stocked gun store, or gun show where you can handle as many as possible to find the fit that works for you.

    As to outdoor practice, and because you are a new shooter, I strongly recommend professional training. Going out to the boonies with a buddy, will only result in developing bad habits that become difficult to break. May I recommend the Oregon Firearms Academy, in Lebanon. Their web page is; http://www.oregonfirearmsacademy.com/contact.htm
    Also, check out their forum; http://www.oregonconcealedcarry.com/

    Good luck and welcome aboard.
  8. BeyondTheBox

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    I haven't found a single range here that rents handguns, so good luck there. Place to shoot would be in Carlton/McMinnville hills. There's some great area out there marked clearly and some good safe banks set aside for it. Just clean up after yourself. Shoot over a tarp and bring a rake to clean up the brass.

    GREGULON New Member

    My first was a Glock 17 9mm and it is great and reliable.