What should i get first?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by nastyogre, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. nastyogre

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    Ok guys, I'm going to buy a gun for my Christmas present to myself. Here are the options: Remington 700 AAC in .308, Ruger super Blackhawk .44 mag, complete upper for my AR project in .223, or a Henry golden boy .22 lr. All four are about the same price range. Which one would you get and why? :)
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    That is a hard wide open question. I guess it comes down to do you hunt presently? Do you have other rifles that for example to deer hunt with and what are they comparably to caliber and etc. Do you shoot the gun or weapon you are going to buy and how much. Are you simply wanting it to add to a collection? Give us your thoughts on your priorities and use for the weapon and we will give you a shot at our opinion.

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  3. trip286

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    Of those choices and my needs, I'd take the remington. I have no AR project, don't care for the ruger model specifically, and just don't really need that model of .22.

    But you need to look at YOUR needs and wants. What do you want to do? If you want a lot of cheap plinking, the .22 is probably by far your best bet. If you want to do some longer range target shooting or hunting, the remington is good.

    All those guns (and parts) can serve different purposes, with not a whole lot of interchangeability. Oh there's some of course, but not that much.
  4. BigByrd47119

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    Personally I would go with the Henry, but thats just because I have always wanted one and they are just so damned beautiful! I mean, a Blackhawk is sexy in its own way and so are AR's, but come on, they are nothing in comparison!:cool:
  5. texaswoodworker

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    I would go with the Ruger, but that is because I already have a Remington 700, am not working on an AR, and perfer Marlin to Henry. You are probably not going to get 1 answer. What are your needs? If you don't have any, I would look at the cost of the gun, and the cost of the ammo and pick the one that I would have the most fun shooting and would be able to afford to shoot all I want.
  6. Vikingdad

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    That is a very personal choice. I already have a .357 Blackhawk. I already have a Henry .22 lever gun (not the Golden Boy), I would like a .308 but I have a few .30/06 that will fill that need (but eventually I would like one) so I guess it would be the AR upper for the build. For me.
  7. nastyogre

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    I have wanted these guns for different reasons but mostly for plinking. I ended up buying the upper for my AR because they had it in stock at the gun shop and I had a lower that had been sitting for way too long without its mate. Also I had mags and sights and all the accessories from previous ARs. I used to train regularly but sold two ARs when I decided to build my own. Funds ran out sooner than expected so I've had the lower for a couple of years. It felt good to finish the build. I still plan on buying the other guns i just wanted something fun to shoot for Christmas. I'll probably buy the Remington next as I have a scope and mount for that too. My main focus is tactical stuff so that's why I went with the AR. I have hunting rifles already and I'm just starting to explore cowboy shooting so that explains the other two choices. I have a Winchester 94 in 44 mag so I wanted a companion gun for that and I've always thought the Henry was a beautiful gun. I've shot alot of .22s and I have never really needed a semi auto. I thought the Henry would be a good plinker and a cheap way to enjoy cowboy shooting. I guess I should have posted more info in the first place but I was exicited about the new toy. I'll post a range report when I get a chance to shoot it. :)