what scope to choose?

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  1. HomieDontUKnowMe

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    ok so im going to buy a ruger 10/22. i want to make it as accurate and shoot as far as possible. for that request what scope would you great people go with? money is not a situation and what barrel would you also go with? thanks alot for taking the time to help me out!

  2. cpttango30

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    My top two would be March or S&B with IOR coming in a close third.

    March Optics



  3. Snakedriver

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    I use a Simmons 3 X 9 x 32 .22 Mag. with A.O.. Very clear, precise and holds zero well. Black = $45, Silver = $65.

    If you want to spend over $100 for a scope go with the Mueller APV 4.5 X 14 X 40 with A.O.. Black = $125. They seem to be the most popular in the $100+ range.

    For a good .920 barrels you can't go wrong with Green Mountain +/- $120. If you like to spend money go with a Kid. They're generally over $200. :cool:
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  4. 38super

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    I use a KonusPro M30 1.5x6x44mm on my M&P15-22 for competition. There about $220.00 +mounts. It also has red or green dot which can be turned on or off, engraved reticle, etc. Worth taking a look at see link below.

    KONUS - Optical & Sport System
  5. tigerbeetle

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    +1 on the Snakedriver's recommendation. I have had good success with the Simmon's scopes. I also use a 44Mag 3x9.
  6. huffmanite

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    I use a few Simmons Prohunter scopes on my centerfire and rimfire rifles.

    Might want to visit Natchez Shooters Supplies and check out the Prohunter models....here is a 4-12x40 SF and with Simmons 25% of price rebate it is $60 plus shipping. With side focus you can adjust the parallax to suit the distance you are shooting. Have two of these in 6-18 on centerfire rifles, OK scopes.

    Simmons 4-12x40 ProHunter Riflescope Side Focus Truplex Reticle Matte - Natchez Shooters Supplies 4-12x40 ProHunter Riflescope Side Focus Truplex Reticle Matte
  7. jpattersonnh

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    Check out Bushnell's line of rim fire scopes. 32mm w/ 1" tube. My son has a 4x32 on his 190 and it shoots great. Very reasonable price.
  8. stalkingbear

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    If money is not a problem I'd go with a Nikon Monarch 4x-16x-40mm with side focus. As far as drop in barrels go it's darn hard to beat a Hart or Lilja barrel. I've got a Shilen barrel on 1 of my 10/22s and it groups pretty good.
  9. Highpower

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    +1 on the Shilen.

    These are the test groups from one of my 10/22's. (50 yds.)
    Shilen barrel - Tasco scope :eek:

  10. Bigcountry02

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    I wish I could say the same for my Simons ProSport 3-9x40, it bite the dust. I going to send it back with $10 for warranty work - repair or replace. I only paid $47. Good scope for plinkering time.

    I could take the Bushnell or Nikon from my other rifles, since they have quick releases; but, they stay on those rifles. I am using Leaper's Tactical in the meantime. Good for 100 yards; except, when the wind is blowing like a madman!
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  11. montveil

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    I put a Tasco 4X fixed on my 10-22 and feel that is all I need as the rifle is zeroed at 65 yards giving me a direct hold of 25 and 65 yards with the total rise and fall within 1 inch.
    After all, it is still a 22 rimfire and usually the ammo can only deliver 1/2-1 inch groups at 50-100 yds so I really don't need a fancy scope. However, when I want tack driving accuracy I grab my 17 with better variable scope
  12. jpattersonnh

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    I may not agree w/ your .22 rifle choice, but at least your a realist. Good response. My Marlin 60 has a BSA .22 Special on it. It was $32.00 new, 10 years ago. Great little 3-9x32. My Marlin 917V wears a $200.00 Bushnell 3-12x42mm. If the OP can find a used solid scope that would be an option. My A-bolt .22wmr wears a Bushnell 3-9x42mm. Bought it for $60.00 years ago.
  13. Yaknow

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    What 22 Scope

    If $ isn't an issue & you want long range you gotta look at the Pride-Fowler Rapid Reticle for $300. It has crosshairs every 20 yards or so past 50 or 60 yds. out to 200 yds. Or, if you want to go to 500 yds. look at the Shepherd 22 scope. It'll set you back over half a large bill. I read one guy who'd scoped in about 50 rifles & said the Burris is the best. They make the Quad-Sako. Another article I read a guy said the Leupy for $300 was the best 22 scope he'd ever used. I just picked up a Savage Mark II w. a Bushnell 3-9 x 40 that I hope to test out soon. If the scope isn't right I'll prbly look at the Rapid-Reticle or maybe a BSA Sweet 16 w. BDC. Only thing on the BSA is I've read where some can't focus perfectly. My eyes aren't as good as they used to be, so that'll be an issue.
  14. MAGNUM44

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    scopes for 22's ?

    I had some bad Tasco scopes that are pure junk,& I would not ever buy another Tasco product even if they were giving them away, I bought a Bushnell 3x9 x 40 & mounted it on my Rem nylon 66 gun & its great for those very long shots,:cool: P.S. the Tasco scopes, I had to send back to them a few times due to their adjustments would not hold for anything,& even after repair same problems with them. :mad:
  15. chevelle427

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    my eyes have got so week i have to use a 3x9x40 or larger now days
  16. jjfuller1

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    im very surprised nikon hasnt had more mention. very clear scopes with great warrenties. anywhere from 70 to 300 depending on which model. my friend just got a 2x7x40 for 70 for his 12 ga. and im looking at a 4x14x50 for my next rifle purchase
  17. Triumphman

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    For a barrel I would change out to either a Green Mountain or Shilen barrel in around 21" or 22" for better accuracy with a "Match" chamber. I don't think anything over 22" in barrels will give any better accuracy for a 22LR. I would get a .920 Bull Barrel for better heat dispensation, but a "Heavy Tapered Barrel" in .720(.750) would work just fine. Just remember that with a bull/heavy barrel, you'll also need a stock to go with it and Richard's Microfit or Boyd's makes great laminate stocks for the 10/22's. As to the scope, I have Simmons 44MAG, Burris FullfieldII, Bushnell Banner, Nikon Buckmaster, Weaver V-Classic series, Redfield Revolution on many different rifles and each scope serves it's own purpose for my choosing that scope to use and the power magnifications wanted, but each scope is clear, precise, and long lasting for the money I spent. Also, even if you got the most expensive Schmidt&Bender scope, the rifle will only shoot as good as to what ammo that the gun likes, not what ammo you want to use in it. So lots of different ammo will be needed to know this, AND ONLY after you change out the barrel, because a switch in barrels(length/type) will also make a difference.
  18. MrWray

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    Have you looked at PENTAX scopes? Their mainly known for their cameras and lenses but they make a damn good scope... I have a Pentax 3x9x50 Light seeker on my winchester 70 7mmwsm
  19. jpattersonnh

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    I like the old Game seeker/ light seeker scopes. Pentax made some great smaller bell scopes a few years ago. I have a strait 4x32 w/ a ballistic plex reticule on a Model 1600 Husqvarna 1600 in 6.5x55. It's been out 5 years running, very clear optics. Not bad in low light. Very compact.
  20. Chortdraw

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    I use a Leupold 3x9 on my 1022 and it is a good all around scope, just ask the squirrels that I hunt:D