What,s in there...?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by dango, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. dango

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    I awoke this morning with the sounds of "birds gone wild"..! I run to the window
    And see my fat grey squirrel bullying all the birds..? He,s one hell of an acrobat.
    He,s protecting all sides of my feeder as fast as the birds try to zoom in on the little perches I,d built . One after the other , a side thrust kick , a knife hand thrust , the little guy is kicking butt..! :D
    The birds , in retaliation , devise a plan of attack that birds been doing for eons ,
    (The art of sup-prize.!They are sporting little twigs and are thrashing the fat grey to submission .! Eeeek..!
    As a last resort , the squirrel reaches into his pocket and retrieves my. Missing (BIC) lighter and sets the feeder a-blaze..! He shouts in rebellion ,"If I can,t have it , no-one will"..! Now , my feeder is ablaze and the squirrel cursing at the top of his little lungs , things like (Your mama was a comforter , all we needs is some tar to go with them feathers)..! Eeeek.! As I spin around , I trip over my dog and to the floor..! By the time I recover , the little squirrel has kicked in ma door and pounced upon ma chest .! Eeeek.! As I throw a blow and parry to protect ma self , he sprang s to ma gun cabinet and grabs ma 10mm.! I grasp for anything to defend ma self and find a shoe with-in ma grasp..! I then.........

    Dango......Yo....DANGO....! ..........?......What the funk.......? Eeeeek..!
    What a terrible night-mare.....whaaaaaat the heck did you put in ma IV..?:confused: Heeelllgazzzz...? :eek:
  2. MisterMcCool

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    You are going to miss those drugs. .....and Helga, too.

  3. dango

    dango Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    That,s why I waste no time..! Those drugs , I like them a little too much so as soon as I am able , I,m done.! I can see why they are so hard for people to quit them . As soon as I get home , I,ll do some research , what,s better , sex or drugs..!............Any volunteers..? <---just kidding..! :D I,ll charm the pants off the wife...or pay her..!:confused: :D. Back at you..! :)
  4. locutus

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    Hey, man. Like, ya know, way kewl. Can I have some of the stuff yer smokin??:p