what rifle should i get?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by gabrielalway, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. gabrielalway

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    I'm thinking of getting a rifle with lots of bulk ammo and a decent range, maybe 300- 400 yrds. I've been looking at the mosin nagant or a mauser or maybe a PLS but I'm not sure I like PLS. Any suggestions? I can't spend a lot so that's why I'm looking at these because they are cheap.
  2. locutus

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    Of those, I'd suggest the Mosin. Rifle is inexpensive and so is ammo. I like the M44 carbine version best, but the full length rifle is a good weapon also.

  3. hiwall

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    If you want a longer range rifle (out to 400 yards) buy an American sporting rifle. They come ready to mount a scope (or buy used w/scope). A scope makes 400 yards shots much more practical. While you can mount a scope on a mosin, it is a rather poor set-up. A Mauser that has a turned down bolt and is already drilled and tapped can be found but it is just easier to buy American. Often you can get one with scope for well under $400 used or just slightly more new.