What pistol would you suggest?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by WDB, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. WDB

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    Often there is a post someone new to pistols asking what to buy. Here is a new twist, an experienced shooter asking what should I consider? I have a fair amount of training. I have been carrying concealed for 15+ years. I make it to the range at least twice a month. Over the years I have carried revolvers and semi autos, .380, .38spl, .357, 9mm, .40 and .45 acp. I believe all are good calibers (well maybe not the .380 but it fits in a pocket easy). I have never carried a pistol I didn’t believe could save my life with out question if needed. Steel frame or polly frame each have there benefits and I like them both. Capacity isn’t a major concern as I don’t live in a war zone and I’m reasonably confidant with my shot placement at a threat distance (15 yards/45 feet for me). I’m also a lefty strong side but practice weak side as well. Caliber has to be something readily available as I want reasonable priced ammo for practice and several options for defense ammo. I carry an S&W M&P 45 now; it has severed me well for several years and thinking about retiring her to the locker with honors. I don’t know if I will make a change but with the brain trust here I expect I will be checking out some new pistols. Price has to be under $800
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    These days, I'm really liking the Kahr Polymers and the Walther PPS in 9 and .40. They're all nearly identical in size, capacity, performance and proven reliability. They're all light, well-balanced and "handy"... Kahr CW series is lowest in cost. If you're interested in even smaller/easily concealed... the Kahr PM's are really popular now.

  3. doctherock

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    WDB how about the sp101 or the LCR. Lightweight and concealable. I'm sure Cane will be around with this suggestion as well. I myself am thinking about adding one to the arsenal. Lighter to carry than my XD40.
  4. Shihan

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    I would like to suggest a...nevermind, you know what I was going to say.:D
  5. doctherock

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    sigma OR glock SHI WHICH ONE?
  6. Gordo323

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    I'd suggest the one I just bought, an older single action .22 revolver.
    I have been shooting since I was a young child, but every time I shoot one, I still hear my Old Mans advice over my shoulder.
    Greatest training I ever had, and the .22 ammo is as cheap as it gets:)
  7. crazycharlie2

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    Have you looked at the Springfield XD series?
    I bought a XD 45 Tactical and was really impressed with the 'black gun'. No failures with hard ball or some of the fancier JHP. Excellent trigger. YMMV.
    The XD series come in 9mm, .40S&W and .45 ambi mag release for the 'southpaw'. I ain't trying to sell you one.
    As another member mentioned the Sigma. I have a .40, but it does not have the 'ambi' features I would like if I were a southpaw. Don't want to get into any pi***ing contests about Sigmas or Springfields. Just a friendly suggestion.
    My Sigma is my daily carry.
  8. danf_fl

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    Being a fan of one specific model, I would have to recommend it. (whispering 1911a1).

    There are models that will fit your requirements. And with the vast supply of aftermarket parts, you can fashion it any way you want and still have one of a kind. The XD line is still limited that way.
  9. canebrake

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    I think the Ruger LCR 357 is IMHO the ideal carry gun. Plenty of power, light weight and concealable with the plus of practicing with 38Spl ammo.

    If you haven't shot (in a while) the Browning Hi-Power 9mm I think you may find it a real under-appreciated jewel in the CCW world where heaver clothes are worn.

    Both these guns are natural pointers for me. They are the only two guns I can trust for consistent COM hits with hip shots.

    Both will also come in under your Budget. (If you get a vintage BHP.)

    I got mine on GunBroker a year ago for $500. They're out there if you do your homework.


    When Gorknoids was down last winter he shot the BHP and I have used his quote as my siggy several times;

    A few weeks ago I'd have only offered you one answer, and then I shot Cane's Hi-Power. I love my XD 9, but I'd have sex with that Browning, buy it a car, and get a picture of it tattooed on my face.​
  10. Hollander

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    I join the recommendation about the Walther PPS. I have both the 9 and the 40. Very easy to conceal and the 9 is fun to shoot. The 40 is a little on the snappy side due to the light weight of the gun. I also have the Kahr PM9, MK9, and the P380. All great guns and the two 9's are also easy to conceal. I personally carry owb most of the time but the PM9 and p380 are both good pocket guns. For one universal gun I think the Kahr PM9 is perfect since it can be carried in the pocket as well as either iwb or owb. Everyone elses advice is also good about trying as many as you can before you decide. I am fortunate since I did not do that but did an extensive amount of research on each gun and use each one for different styles of dress and I am of the belief that more than one gun is never enough. Good luck and Merry Christmas.
  11. Snubshooter

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    I love my PM9, carry it all the time. If you can conceal a Hi Power you will love it, they are a joy to shoot and are very accurate even at distance. Two personal changes for the Hi Power, get rid of the mag disconnect and install an extended safety. I also really like a set of Spegel grips.
  12. NGIB

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    About half my pistols are 1911s, nearly the other half are Sigs, and I have 2 revolvers (not counting the 617). For a carry guns, I'm a fan of DA/SA Sigs as once decocked - they are just like revolvers. For a nice single stack carry piece - how about a Sig P239. I paid about $425 OTD for this one used but in mint condition...

  13. USMC-03

    USMC-03 New Member

    Are you wanting new or used? If you have no problem going the used route I'd say a Sig P229 in .40 or .357 sig. The XD series are great guns too...I have 2 XD pistols and one XDM, they are great and carry pretty well when dress permits. My newest carry gun is a Glock 27...not sure how you feel about them but I like that I can conceal this thing in Summer attire. If money permits though my personal preference is Sig.
  14. SecPro

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    This here is about what I paid for mine as well $450. From a US Marshal deploying out.
    Great guns and highly recommended..
  15. oldgrunt

    oldgrunt New Member

    From an old timer, I tend to go with either 1911 or hi-power.
  16. misterballistic

    misterballistic New Member

    I don't own a Glock...but, still, I would say Glock -- either 26 or 27.

    In terms of pistols can it get any easier especially for an experience shooter?
  17. powg

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    gun option .

    its 2:07 am ...here im gonna go out on a limb...dont be like every else get a fn 5.7 ,have fun ...got 20 rds ,light ,very accurate .....even an dead old fart like col.jeff cooper would think it was cool
  18. willfully armed

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    Kimber Pro or Ultra carry in 45?
    SMith and Wesson M60 357?

    just some of my favorites.
  19. 7point62

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    I've been very happy with my SA 1911 GI Champ 4".

  20. dog2000tj

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    Carrying a pistol is so cliche. You need to start carrying one of these,