what no more 9mm?

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    Took my wife to the range this morning. Her second time out. First time we shot my 22/45. On the way to the range I told her in addition to the 22/45 we were bringing I am going to rent a 1911-A1 and Glock both in 9mm. I told her when she is ready which does not need to be today my suggestion is she give a 9mm a try. She said she was fine with the 22/45 and I said great it's her call.

    So we got to the range and started with the 22/45. I had her loading 5 rounds at a time to practice cycling though the load, aim, shoot, clear chamber, gun on the table sequence. She worked on her grip and stance and did a fine job keeping her shots near center mass of the target. It was my turn so I started with the Springfield 1911 and then moved on to the Glock 19. I enjoyed shooting both and will rent the Glock 17 next time. I got the 19 so Laurie could see the difference between a full size frame and compact frame.

    Anyway it was her turn so I hung up a fresh target for her. She stepped up to the table where I was loading the magazines for the 22/45 and she said she wanted to shoot the 1911. She shot the 1911 and then moved on to the Glock 19. She cycled through each twice sending 5 rounds at a time. She did well with the 9mm's. She started a bit low and then corrected where she brought them more into the center. She took her time between rounds.

    She was disappointed when I told her we shot our way through the 9mm rounds. She said in a disappointed tone "what no more 9mm?":) But she quickly loaded up the 22/45 magazines and kept going.

    Next range outing I will rent a revolver and another 9mm maybe a SIG, M&P, or XD. Eventually I will see if she wants to shoot a .40 but for now I think staying in the 9mm family makes sense. I know .40 and .45 are favorites but the 9mm might be a good compromise that will work for both her and I. Stepping her through the different manufactures and models in 9mm available here in California will allow her to find one or two that fit her the best.

    Our goal for 2012 is a minimum of one visit to the range per month. So far she has been twice and me 3 times. We add lunch afterwards into the outing and it turns out to be a fun day together. Nice!
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    We love going to the range (and now competitions) together.

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    I would recommend renting a Ruger SR9c. I am happy that you two are enjoying range time together.
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    I know that "what no more ammo?". When my wife was just starting out I gave her a couple of boxes of 22lr and a 22 semi to shoot along with an S&W 19 with 100 rnds of 38 spl. I was in the lane next to her. I was shooting and tap tap on my shoulder. My wife was out of ammo. I went to her lane and she had shot the 2 mags of 22lr and all of the 38 spl. The rest of the 22lr was still there as she did not like to load the mags. She still does not like to load mags but will do it.
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    Hi, great news!

    My wife and I went to the range yesterday (local indoor range) - her second time at the range, and first time at this 21-bay indoor range.
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