what mount for Aimpoint M2?

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    Hey all,
    I'm looking to get a aimpoint m2 for my Busmaster AR. My AR has the normal non removable front sight, i was wondering if anyone knew what mount i should get so that the sees over that front sight. I was looking to buy from Larue Tac. They have a mount (cantilever LT129) is that the best one to get??? or does anyone know of another company to go with for the mount, any input is greatly appreciated.

    Aimpoint Comp M2 # 10336 with LaRue Tactical QD Mount LT152 - RAS II ( Shown )
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    Hop over to the Introductions section and let us know a little about you.

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    I have a A.R.M.S. mount for my DPMS. It's a throw lever mount, and with the spacer, sits perfect with the factory irons. When you look through the optic and center the dot, it hovers above the iron sights. You can also use the irons in case the optic fails for whatever reason.

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    That is exactly the setup I'm running on my 9mm AR and I like it a lot. I don't like co-witnessing so I add a riser to all my flat top ARs. That uncluters the sight picture through the red dot. GG&G makes a good solid one.

    Any good 30mm ring will work with the M2. You have a LOT of options.