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what modle s&w airweight do i have

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i have inharted a smith and wessen airweight 38 spl relover. im haveing trouble figgering out what modle it is the numbers on the inside are 32725 theie is also a 7 abuve the 32725
5 shot what i want to know is it rated for +p ammo
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A picture would help.
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What you have is a Chief's Special Airweight. It was made before there WERE model numbers. Later it would become the model 37. The flat cylinder latch was indicative of an early gun. The very first had an aluminum CYLINDER. This was replaced by steel due to cracking. If a magnet does not stick to your cylinder, I would NOT shoot it.

If the cylinder IS steel, then limit your loads to standard .38 Special. Your revolver is most definitely NOT a +P gun. The Air Force had an all alumium version called the Baby Aircrewman- they used very light 130 gr FMJ, or more commonly- .38 Special flares.
okay went str8 for the fridge to get a magnet to test the cylinder. and it is steel. is this considered a colectores idem. the paws shop that handled the ffl was drolling all over this gun and wanted to buy it on the spot. but he got testey when i told him i wouldent entertain any offers tial i had a chance to figger out what it is first
i also inharted a colt 1927 argentino, nambo type14 july 1944, and a saturday night special amt 380 backup
I think the AMT .380 Backup is ranked slightly above a Saturday Night Special, both in quality of manufacture and reliability.
Robert- do not know that the S&W is a highly sought after collector's gun, but yes, there is some interest in any of the older S&Ws. However- for a collector's piece- condition, condition, condition. And yours DOES show signs of honest wear.

FWIW, I bought one for my stepmom after my dad passed away in '95. She still has it. Stay away from super hot loads, and it should do fine. Nice piece.
I was not aware of the model 37 being used by the Air Force, but they did use the Mdl 12. A six shot that went through different cylinder modifications.

The mdl 37 was a modification of the mdl 36
she may not be preaty but she shoots nice im keeping it

the amt backup will be on the auction block as soon as the replacment mag show up
The AMT is definately NOT a "Saturday Night Special". That term is misleading, inflamatory and buys into the whole left wing demonization of firearms. The AMT backup is a very good gun for its intended purpose as a "back up", hence the name. I had a DAO backup that was an extremely good shooter and very reliable.

As far as the Airweight? Meant to be carried a lot and shot a little. The early aluminum frame was prone to problems. +P is definately out of the question.
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