What Model 98 do I have?

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    Trying to figure out exactly what model 98 I have and it's value. I've been doing a lot of searching but not finding what I'm looking for. I've looked at a lot of Mauser Mod 98 pictures but they don't look like what I have. This rifle has Mod. 98 on the left side, 7.9 on the barrel, an eagle with swastika below it on both the receiver and barrel, the number 2554 with an S below it on the barrel, receiver, and butt plate, the number 2554 without the S on the metal plates in front of the trigger, a symbol with the number 26 below it stamped several times on the barrel, receiver, butt plate, and plates in front of the trigger. The number 54 on some of the screws, bolt release, and other pieces. The pieces of the bolt are stamped several places with a symbol and the number 655 as well as 5765 and the safety lever has 5211. I really don't know anything about these weapons and any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you! Michael
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    Hello Michael,

    What does the stock look like? has it got a flat or cupped buttplate? does it have a hood over the front sight? With some more information, the exact model and value can be found out. The 7.9 on the barrel indicates it is chambered in the 7.92x57 cartridge, and the mod.98 on the reciever means that it uses a model 98 action. With the given numbers, this rifle could have been built/inspected anywhere from 1936-1944 by various factories, the different WaA markings on the bolt parts and the other parts of the rifle make it hard to tell exactly which one. It should have a date code and a letter or number stamped on the top of the reciever, this will tell the year it was made and its manufacturer which will be a big help. ;)