What makes a pistol reliable enough for you to carry?

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    I don't have to shoot at a CCW course in the state I live in, but when I lived in Texas I used a Ruger P90.
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  2. Trunk Monkey

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    This link will take you to a list of Handgun Ammunition recommended for Duty use by dr. Gary Roberts


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    I guess, in a nut shell, I would say USING it for a reasonable time proves it is reliable enough to depend on it. The same with any 'machine/tool'!:) You would not believe how many people I have talked to who simply buy a gun and just load it and start carrying it!:eek:
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    Look, you're gonna get a million suggestions about guns. A well-made firearm with quality ammo, kept flawlessly clean, is likely to be a lot more reliable than the human being behind the trigger. The shooter is the weak link in the chain. Even experienced life-long gun-handlers are not immune from error in a high-stress moment.

    Hone your abilities to a sharp edge. The sharper you are, the more reliable the partnership between you and your firearm.
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  5. Sierra 173

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    As someone new to CCW, it would be helpful to know why some of you are saying that your EDC has to be able to run all types and bullet sizes of ammo through it flawlessly.

    Centerline, I run different ammo through my pistols to find out if they will balk at any certain kinds of ammo because if they do then that is a weakness of which I should be aware. By finding that weakness, I can then either have the pistol fixed, replaced or at least know what not to use in hostile situation if something does happen. It's all a part of being alert and aware for a complete situational awareness for me.

    Situational awareness is often what can keep a guy alive and keep him out of trouble. If, right now, I see cars and trucks starting to back up on an interstate highway, I look for a nearby exit ramp just in case there are protestors blocking the highway and trying to destroy cars and attacking people in vehicles. If I can avoid trouble, with the ammo or taking an exit ramp, I'm ahead of trouble in many ways. That's all knowledge of what ammo your pistol can and can not handle is: an extension of your knowledge and a way to use your knowledge to your advantage.
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    I did a video a while back on my thoughts, so here it is, and worth every penny you paid fer it:D
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    If you're referring to my earlier comments, among others: I didn't say run all ammo types/sizes flawlessly. Should have clarified. If I can find a single make/model/weight of ammo that ends up surviving 1000rds flawlessly, then that's the ammo I'll select for that sidearm. Of course, the run-up in the eval that I typically do does indeed involve various ammunition from different makers, different weights, etc. Until I find a good one that seems to be reliable. Then I hammer it. And when that one hits 1000rds, it's officially on the list. If I can't seem to get any given make/model of ammo to survive well on the platform: the sidearm's gone, and I seek a different one.

    In some instances, I've tried 3-4 different examples of a given make/model of sidearm. (When everything's right but the apparent reliability.)

    In my own case, perhaps some of it is me. In a past life, I damaged my shooting hand sufficiently that it's likely still got fair weakness in terms of providing a solid anchor for firing. (Don't obviously limp-wrist things, but slight changes can alter the timing of a sidearm under fire.)

    Anyway. There you go.
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    I want to know that the gun will operate well with various brands/types of ammo. No way do I try every available 9mm ammo in my EDC, but I want to know it functions reliably with a wide variety because I cannot guarantee I will always be able to get my preferred ammo. Normally I have no issue maintaining a supply of preferred ammo, but it is evident in today’s environment that supplies could dry up or force you to change ammo. Having said this, I would also say that I have found most all my guns perform rather well with a good variety of ammo.
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    Thanks for the link Trunk Monkey, I'll check it out.

    Thank-you gentlemen, I appreciate your answers.
    They are logical and well-reasoned.
    I feel like I'm back in a Defense shooting class with multiple instructors.