What Load/Setup would you use?

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    I have a Rem 870 12ga with the cyl 18.5" barrel and I want to hunt deer with a shotgun this year because I never have used a shotgun and want to try it out.Ok,I don't want a rifled barrel for sabot slugs because I can use a rifle in my county if I want to and see no point to buy a rifled barrel when I got rifles.The main reason I want to use a shotgun is because every year I have hunted with a rifle,I have taken my deer at around 40 yards downhill without fail,so whatever kind of load I use,it's short range and I always have a backstop.SO,should I think of using nothing but rifled slugs and maybe a scope on the cyl barrel,or should I think about getting a full choke with maybe rifle sights to use with some 3"00 buck?What would you rather do?
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    personally if i had to use a shotgun i would use a slug. reason being you can control where the slug goes in a deer. buckshot sprays a generally uncontrolled pattern into the deer. there are spots that you DONT want to hit in one as it can easily ruin the meat tainting it with nasty body fluids and solids. or just missing the vitals wounding the critter with multiple holes making for a possibly long tracking session. i rate buckshot for deer right down there with using .223/5.56 on one. you can do it but its not, in my book, ethical.
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    Just for information it is not recommended to shoot slugs from a full choke barrel.
    Your Cylinder Barrel will work just fine with like Remington Sluggers. You can also get a scope mount for it that just slips into the Fire Control Pin Holes (Trigger and Hammer Pin Holes) on the side of your receiver. If I were you I would forget the 00 Bucks and stay with the Slugs I mentioned. Once you are set up a 50 yard shot with the slugs will probably be impressed with the accuracy. Zero it in from a good rest position. Also do not buy a real cheap scope. They normally do not hold up under the shotgun recoil. Had a buddy that shoots 3 in. slugs. The scope lasted a whole 25 rounds.

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