What kinda bow?

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  1. HomieDontUKnowMe

    HomieDontUKnowMe New Member

    So ive akways been a fan of bows and never really thought of buying one till now.

    What is a good beginner bow? (ive never once shoot a bow)

    How much would i be looking at spending for a beginner bow?
  2. freefall

    freefall New Member

    I'm a low-tech kinda guy, so I'd say go to a gun show, buy something without wheels for about $50. Get some arrows and shoot them into a hay bale for a while. Then think about how and if you want to upgrade. Personally, I find shooting a sightless recurve relaxing.

  3. hunter Joe

    hunter Joe New Member

    Is it for hunting or target shooting and was is your price range?
  4. NitroxAZ

    NitroxAZ New Member

    I am a novice to bows and recently bought the Martin Threshold package from Sportsmans Guide for about $200. It is a single cam compound bow and is adjustable from 55-75lbs and 28- 31". It came with the bow, sight w/3 pins, quiver, spring away rest and 2 carbon arrows. I just got it dialed in and bought a peep, stabilizer and 6 arrows w/practice tips for another $50. For $250, I have a decent rig for a beginner.
  5. spittinfire

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    The best thing you can do is find a a good bow shop. Not Bass Pro or something, an actual bow shop. Go in and tell them what you are looking for, what you want to do with it and what you have to spend. They can match a bow to you and your needs as well as explain some of the workings.
  6. Highpower

    Highpower New Member

    I did just that, and let them talk me into $800 worth of equipment (Mathews) -- and I don't hunt!!! :mad:

    I would not offer what your budget is. Not up front anyway..... :rolleyes:

    I do agree on going to a real bow shop though.
  7. amoroque

    amoroque New Member

    Recently I bought a Martin Jaguar. ( I posted a range report if you are interetsted, there are some pics)

    I would consider it to be the perfect beginner recurve. Also, with it you can get a case, 4 arrows, an arm guard and a few other things. I think it was 169 at the Sportsmans Guide.
  8. nathan2013collins

    nathan2013collins New Member

    If you are a beginner, you really need a best beginner compound bow. A compound bow are perfect for beginners who are starting their practice. It's easy to use and very convenient.
  9. unclebear

    unclebear New Member

    Compounds are awesome and they give you sights and easier pull back, and they can be customized out the wazoo. The only problem is one brand new is gonna cost you money, for me a new pearson would run me about $800. An older pearson that I can work on and get to where I need it can run me anwhere from $200-$400. But the thing about bows is if you take care of the bow and treat her right they can last years. Right now my bow is a Pearson Spoiler and my dad traded my ex's dad a self climbing tree stand for it back in middle school and he had been hunting with the bow for 6 or 7 years before I even met him and I still shoot with it. The only thing I've replaced was the cames and the string.

    Depending on what bow your looking at and how much your willing to spend, your beginner bow might last you years if you take care of it and don't abuse it too badly.
  10. kfox75

    kfox75 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I love martin's Jaguar. I'm just pizzed about the fact that it is listed as RH only in every catalog I have seen it in. Sometimes it sucks being a lefty.

    There are ups and downs to going to a pro shop, but I will lay the biggest pro on you now. They will have a better selection, and they know what they are doing. If you go to a BBS, or a gun show, you don't know what you are buying, and you don't know how the last owner used or abused it. Generally, if what you want is not in stock, it can be ordered and set up for you. Also, don't turn your nose up at a good used bow at said shop, the shop pros go over every trade in, and most can be picked up for a reasonable price.

    I can not recommend a first bow for you myself, mainly because I have never seen you before, and have no idea what your height, eye and hand dominance, and price range are. Check out your local shops. Not only will they be glad to help you, the will be thankful for your business. Hope this helps.
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  11. tippittrg

    tippittrg New Member

    I have a Diamond Outlaw. Came with sites, arrow rest, stabilizer and wrist sling. $550 with a dozen arrows. Not the quietest bow on the market but not much louder than my dads $1200 bowtech.
  12. indy36

    indy36 New Member

    I trolled eBay a bit then found this PSE Mossy Oak X. image-1950664590.jpg
    It's got fiber sights and a fall away rest and came with a nice quiver and Scott release, peep sight and stabilizer. Also came with 8 carbon G2 arrows and bow wax and a big plastic case that holds everything. Cost me $242. I took it to an Archery store and they couldn't believe how little I paid for it. Guess I got lucky.

    I also have this older competition compound bow. image-3041810813.jpg

    I don't hunt, just shoot at a foam block in the backyard with my daughter. It's a fun activity we both enjoy. She is 10 and is in the 4-H Archery program.

    A lot of consideration needs to be given to draw weight and length. Don't just buy anything as you can buy the wrong thing. Arrow length and spline is another big deal. An arrow can be $9 or more, each. Bad arrows equal bad accuracy. I just bought 6 for $80. Expensive but they fly and hold aim amazingly.