What kind of rifle should I get?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by classic, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. classic

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    I don't know what I'll use it for - hunting, long-range shooting, CQB, home defense, #%! hits the fan - oh and zombies.

    But anyway, I guess something like a Grendel in 6.68 maybe even with beta mags and shrike belt feed would be pretty tacticool, but I'm specifically looking for maybe getting a Mauser M98 - I'm just divided if I'll go ahead and get it in one of the mag calibers for the pure tacticool factor (like up to .500 Jeffrey for the hell of it) or if I want something more practical for actual hunting (but truth is I already have a point-triple-two and I never hunt anything that requires bigger).

    So yeah, it's almost strictly a vanity purchase, with maybe some "what the hell I have it let's go hunting with it" on the side. But I'm open to suggestions too.

    Plus, yeah, I figure an M98 would be pretty effective against zombies.
  2. dteed4094

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    Since you live i Oh. Get an 870 or a mossy 500 with a modified and a slug barrel. Slugs for deer and 00 for Zombes and HD, and appropriate loads for Geese, ducks, birds and rabbits.

  3. classic

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    Got a Browning 12 gauge semi-auto so I'm good for shotguns, like I said it's a vanity purchase more than anything.

    And basically the first half of my post was meant as a joke :D
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