What is your view on Unintended Consequences by John Ross

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by buildthedamnfence, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Like it? Hate it? Would you watch the movie if i was made?
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    You Bet I would! In fact I am going to pick up a copy of it soon. It never seems to amaze me how writers and directors can seemingly present a film or book in advance that almost follows history of future events. I did a brief preview of the books content and it is well on the point on some issues. We certainly know that the present administration, Hillary and the rest of the goof balls including the UN, plan on doing away with our Second Amendment Rights for all citizens throughout the world. Oh and did I mention George Soros! Good luck to them!!:rolleyes: Because as the Japanese stated in World War II. We will not afford to attack the American homeland because there will be a gun behind every tree! That proved that by citizens having weapons it prevented an attack here on our soil. Obviously they feared the American citizens more than they did the military. Once we loose our Second Amendment friends we become 'Subjects" not Citizens and under a socialized government. I do not want to insult my friends who wished for the best in the past. But anyone who would vote for them again in the future is an idiot. Some believed there would be a change in good faith in 2008. There unfortunately sure was a big change, but in the wrong direction and still running out of control based on deception and lies. Not that other politicians from both parties have not done the same in the past but it is time for us to take control of America in 2012 and let the politicians know we are fed up with their activities and lies. I guess they think most of the public is stupid! *Some no doubt are! Now it is our turn! Regardless of party lets stand up for America our children and those to follow!
    And certainly our Second Amendment Rights!


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    It's a good read and excellent food for thought.