What Is Your Minimum Capacity

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    This is JMO.

    The days of being violently confronted being a rare thing are quickly coming to a close and calling 911 being more useless than before.
    The days of pocket pee shooters being anything close to being sufficient to protect one's self are too as the possibility of being assaulted by 5 or more simply because of the way you look ramps up.

    People have always been dependent on themselves for their protection though many didnt realize it. Kidding themselves into thinking 911 would get them assistance in time to be relevant.
    The police are on the run these days and that isnt likely to change.
    That's why even anti gun libs are buying their first weapons because they finally realize they have to protect themdmselves.

    Jmo But a lot of casual pocket rocket carriers will soon be upgrading their protective weaponry as well.
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  2. Trunk Monkey

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    You're not wrong
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  3. mrm14

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    5 rounds S&W model 36.
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    Mu minimum in a revolver is 5 rounds and in a semi auto is 6+1 rounds! My Duty Weapon was a G19 and I carried it for over 10 years, with 2 spare 15 round mags on my duty belt. Now that I am retired, My EDC is my G43 with a one round extension for 7+1 rounds, then I sometime carry my G48 with a 10+1 rounds as a carry gun. This set up is OK for my needs but not for everyone.
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    Minimum capacity, a fully loaded 1911 with one in the chamber, cocked and locked.. After my minimum requirements are met, ill add an extra mag to my pocket..
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    So my issue is whatever gets me to a high capacity rifle and I'm beginning to think about carrying an extra magazine, in large part, because I just don't run as fast as I used to and the more lead I can send off the other direction while heading for the rifle, I'll stand a better chance of getting there.
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    So you know this doesn't happen in the real world like ever right?