What is WRONG with people today!?

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  1. Fear of arrest.

  2. Media brainwashing.

  3. Wrong philosophy of life. (peace, man!)

  4. Other reason-I'll make a post to explain.

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  1. themanbeau

    themanbeau New Member

    You read it everyday; in newspapers, magazines, books, on TV-everywhere!

    "Local man/woman/old lady/child/FAMILY[of 7!] (fill in the blanks) killed by burglar/carjacker/gang banger/sex maniac/child molester (again, fill in the blanks) today."

    What do 99.9% of these victims have in common? :eek:

    NO GUN (knife, club, flower pot, machete, rake, etc.:confused:) there to DEFEND their life with!

    Is it media overload, death wish, complacency, fear, brainwashing, what?

    I don't get this...why do folks think their lives are going to be all peachy-creamy all the time:rolleyes:, or don't even care enough to defend it, and their loved ones? :mad:

    Scratching my head, daily....I am-
  2. falseharmonix

    falseharmonix New Member

    I believe people put too much faith in the system.

    "911 will save me". Takes about 2 minutes for them to get to my house. 2 minutes is enough time to kill or seriously maim a person, and get away.

    "We have gun control laws, so Joe Criminal cant possibly get his hands on weapons because its illegal". There is a reason we call them CRIMINALS. They have no regard for the gun control laws, or any law for that matter. Someone posted the "Gun Free Zone Sign" video, which is so very true. People don't understand that.

    Although, recently, it seems that a lot of the crimes being committed today are by people that the victims knew, loved, and trusted. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, children, aunts, uncles, close family friends, etc...killing each other, raping each other, assaulting each other, stealing from each other....
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  3. Windwalker

    Windwalker New Member

    Personally, fear of arrest is a factor as I was a LEO in my younger years and saw how expensive it is to defend yourself in court, even if you are innocent. I am retired and don't have the money for this expense. That said, I will defend my home and family.
    I know better than to believe the media but many listen to their advice not to resist, go along and do what the perpertrator tells you and you won't be hurt lies and end up getting themselves and their famalies hurt or killed.
  4. rifleman1

    rifleman1 Active Member

    i think alot of people are just not prepared,its a, it won't or cant happen to me mentality.they leave there guard down at all times and never consider there options in a life or death situation.
  5. easterner123

    easterner123 New Member

    many people, including gun owners, have never before encountered a life and death situation. everyone thinks "oh, it can't possibly happen to me." and then it happens and they get hurt/die. criminals arent brave people, if you stand up to them early on they'll either run or you'll have the advantage in the fight. no, not everyone can become a world class shooter or trained combatant, but an attempt should be made to learn.
  6. Ram Rod

    Ram Rod New Member

    Wrong philosophy of life.
  7. CommandoJoe

    CommandoJoe New Member

    I don't see how people cannot plan to defend themselves - Just turn on the nightly news in any decent sized city - the first 3 stories are usually some mixture of murder, rape, or some other violent crime... I say to my wife, "I don't know why they call it the news, it should be the nightly police report..."
    It's kind of depressing and the main reason I don't watch the local nightly news...

    While I was in Israel, these kinds of crimes just didn't happen very often. We would take our dog out for a walk at midnight and feel perfectly safe (Even if he wasn't a Rottweiler :D) and there would be other people out walking (for exercise) as well. I think it is a combination of things:

    - Since most of their neighbors are hostile toward them, they realize the there are more important things to worry about than harming their fellow countrymen

    - armed security wherever people gather, armed military presence (nothing formal/official unless it's a checkpoint at the westbank or something so it's not like a police state with armed patrols roaming around - it's generally pretty casual, they have their weapon with them while traveling, waiting at the bus stop, eating at McDonalds, shopping, etc...) - You figure (almost) every 18 - 21 year old is in the military since they have mandatory military service there (Something I think we should do - might help keep some of these kids out of trouble...)

    With the Rottweiler around I feel pretty safe in my home and that it will stay safe when I'm not there. In addition I plan to purchase a shotgun for home defense as well as a .45...
  8. themanbeau

    themanbeau New Member

    Thanks, Joe!-

    Great weigh-in from the land of :cool:Israel..appreciate you contributing to this thread. Keep those tales from there coming; it's very interesting for us, here.

    Buddy Beau- :)
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  9. CommandoJoe

    CommandoJoe New Member

    Whoops, I forgot to update my profile... We returned to the US a couple months ago... fixed
  10. robocop10mm

    robocop10mm Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    sheeple. It can't happen to me! Self reliance and responsibility are all but lost. "The police will save me." I see it on a smaller scale with property crimes victims. They want me to fix all their problems. I had a victim that got a bunch of stuff stolen. I recovered 90% of her property and arrested the turd. She actually filed a complaint because I did not recover the rest of her property! She invited the little thieving bastard into her house and was adamant that I must turn back the clock and make it like the crime had never happened. Screw you, biotch.
  11. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    One...People who do not like fire arms nor feel a need to defend themselves generally do not feel threatened. They are of the mentality that it won't happen here or to them! (Sheeple)

    Two...People who do not feel a need to defend themselves (and these are the most dangerous) believe it is the Governments responsibility to protect them. (Communists)

    Three...People who are burdened by the thought that defending yourself is somehow in conflict with their peaceful co-existence in the universe. (Pond Scum)

    Conclusion, those who feel no need to defend themselves are delusional, wrong thinking, and generally the "Self Reliance, Self Preservation" instinct has been lost to the peace, love, dope instinct.
  12. themanbeau

    themanbeau New Member

    Great answers so far everybody-thanks!-

    Very true-as another poster said, they've never encountered a life-or-death situation,
    which makes me realize how valuable those experiences are for those of us who have.
    This is the very reason why I teach (and practice) Mr. Cooper's color-scale alert level
    system. I've never found anything better (for me) to stay 'in-tune' with my surroundings,
    and any potential threats.

    I think there are many times when we probably aren't even aware a potential adversary
    is there (like in the shadows, for example) and are 'saved' by the way we carry ourselves,
    and alertness.

    Long live his memory!-
  13. CA357

    CA357 New Member Supporter

    I think it's a combination of things, the media & the anti gunners doctrine, false trust in the system and brainwashing from many quarters as well as the "It will never happen to me" mindset.

    It's denial and irrationality by people who will take a passionate stand on some phony environmental or made up social issue, yet not comprehend the simple concept of self defense.
  14. feedsasquatch

    feedsasquatch New Member

    I picked "Other". It's a combination of "reasons."

    - People don't think. When they do, they think "it hasn't happened to me in the past, so it won't happen to me in the future." Very illogical.

    - 911. People place faith in a system that is reactive and not proactive. Police don't protect you, they react to violent situations after a crime has already been committed.

    - Faith in dog, alarms, good neighborhood, etc. All misplaced faith.

    - Don't like the alternative, guns. I meet many people that don't like the idea of owning guns because they don't know the first thing about how to care for or use one. I've even met people that say they could "never" pull the trigger on an intruder in their house. I guess they'd rather their children and their wives get assaulted and harmed than to protect them...
  15. allmons

    allmons New Member

    Very good responses

    Excellent posts! I suspect that there are complex underpinnings as to people's motivations, but the media plays a far stronger role than many would suspect.

    Movies and television programs constantly reinforce that "those with guns are neanderthal types" who blast away but are ALWAYS conquered by the brain power of the "collective group."

    News reports routinely flash images of handguns with any negative crime story, subtly imprinting "handgun=bad."

    Worse, many people underestimate the power of words mixed with images. Our enemies have no such illusions, however. Take the movie "Lethal Weapon 3" - one of the producers bragged that scenes of the lead actors buckling their seat belts before a big car chase would "save lives." He knew that many people would respond to the subtle "good guys buckle up" message. In that same film, anti NRA posters are seen THREE times behind actors and in simple scenes. Now, betcha most people never even realized they saw those posters, but THEY ARE IN THE VIEWER'S BRAINS, as the subconscious does not miss or forget very much.

    How many movies have been made about reckless hunters who decide to hunt people for sport? How many times in movies are the "gun nuts", the "suvivalists" and / or the rural self sufficient types seen as the BAD GUYS?

    It is not accidental to the movie makers! Even when the message is one I tend to agree with, I do know that I am being manipulated ( for a classic scene, view Red Dawn, after the Cuban / Russian paratroopers take the High School, a view of the town finds an old truck bumper sticker with the famous, "...from my cold dead hands..." As the camera pans downward, a Russian miltary-booted foot is seen stomping down on a citizen's outstretched arm, removing a Colt .45 semiauto from the cold, dead hand!)

    Now we have seen at least 3 generations raised in NEA dominated schools, media outlets that glorify the State and demonize indivdualism, and a government that is determined to disarm it's citizens. If more people don't wake up soon, we are in for hard- and violent - times ahead.

    Unlike the nanny state idiots, most of us realize that civlization is a very thin veneer over barbarism and anarchy.
  16. themanbeau

    themanbeau New Member

    Well said, 357-couldn't agree more.
  17. Gus556

    Gus556 New Member

    I agree with everyone else. Faith in the guvment, complacency, and irrational hope makes people think it will never happen to them.
    I have all but given up on these people. They will be the first to either be victimized or killed in a SHTF situation. Unfortunately, they refuse to see the truth and hope for others to provide protection.
    What bothers me is the number of people who think they have the right to tell us that we dont need to protect ourselves. They push their "peace" agenda and that includes the disarming of American citizens. Meanwhile there is an ever growing violent criminal element out there all to happy to see Americans turn away from their right to protect themselves.
  18. Gatekeeper

    Gatekeeper New Member

    Wrong philosophy.
    The police will be there just in time to ID your body and give you a ride to the morgue. Nothin against the PD, but unless you can afford to have an officer escort you and your family 24/7 you need to be prepared to defend your own.
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  19. subie-jeep

    subie-jeep New Member

    i'm gonna go with the "it won't happen to me" like a few others have posted already.
  20. zhuk

    zhuk New Member

    As a citizen of a country where it's REQUIRED BY LAW to take this POV, (whether you feel a need to defend yourself or not) ...I don't have much choice in the matter.

    Knife? No. Club? No. Flower pot? No. Machete? No. Rake? Hmm. Probably not lol
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