What is the worst gun you ever owned?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by hillbilly68, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. hillbilly68

    hillbilly68 New Member

    OK gents, what is the worst gun you own(ed)? (for any reason)

    Mine was a Universal M1 carbine I had as a kid. Wouldn't eject, wouldn't group consistently, sights were all jacked up. It was stolen in 1988.
  2. Righteous

    Righteous New Member

    was a taurus pistol long time ago,dont even remmeber what kind now tho

  3. Tilt

    Tilt New Member

    Tec-9 Jam-O-Matic. You could'nt shoot more than 4 or 5 rounds without having a jam. Saved alot of money on ammo like that. Kinda want to get another one.
  4. 1984cj

    1984cj New Member

    Springfield armory .45

    Biggest piece of scat that I have ever owned. It was so bad that I felt bad about selling it to the guy that I sold it to.
  5. robocop10mm

    robocop10mm Lifetime Supporting Member Lifetime Supporter

    Glenfield 60. Tubular fed .22 semi-auto. Aluminum reciever worked loose around the barrel and is very sloppy now. OK, I probably fired 30,000 rounds through it and it still shoots but just seems a bit cheap to me.
  6. deadin

    deadin New Member

  7. Chuck

    Chuck New Member

    I had one too. The problems only occurred with mine when I had a 30 round magazine inserted. I had few problems with the 20 round mags.

    Another problem child was the Inglis High Power I used to own. It would stove pipe about every other round and with a variety of ammunition. I traded it back in and bought a Walther P5.
  8. crossfire

    crossfire Member

    worst gun

    Marlin M45 carbine. Bought one when they first came out, put a folding RamLine stock on it and an under-barrel Mag Lite. Shot 15 rounds thru it in the first year. Yep, 15. The polymer trigger block wouldn't stay together and would crack after the 3rd or 4th shot. Did it three times. Marlin replaced the assembly each time, with me paying shipping. After I got it together the last time, I fired two rounds thru it to be sure it was together right and immediately sold it. I wouldn't have another if they were giving them away.
  9. moviezombie

    moviezombie New Member

    RG [think it was there mode 13] .22lr revolver......

    movie zombie
  10. Zappa

    Zappa New Member

    Auto Ordinance ZG-51 Pit Bull.
    On the few occasions that it actually fired without a stovepipe, the hot cases would hit me in the face. It couldn't hit the side of a barn from the inside and the frame metal was as soft as Play-Doh. Pure Junk.
    It turned me off to 1911's for many years after that..............
  11. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    Mine was a Lorcin 380 Auto. It would shoot 2 then jam shoot 2 then jam. I fired 100 rounds threw it and then sold it. I felt bad because i paid $99 for it and sold it for $150 to some guy that though it was the coolist thing out there. Never did regret that sell.


    Worst gun I've ever owned?

    Hello all

    Ron L here = SERESURPLUS

    Worst gun, well I've had a few, the top dog in thr worst category was an IVER JOHNSON 44 MAGNUM CATTLEMAN, it was made poorly, not well kept, was spitting lead and was finally stolen, I really hope the thief took it for a test shoot? I only paid 75$ in trade for it, but was awefull! Second as I remember was a HI Point 9MM, don't recall the Model #, it stovepiped, it ejected poorly, all sorts of ammo, all different mags, I was tempted to sell it, but finally just crushed it in a hydraulic press in work and tossed it in the trash! Seen a few bad RG revolvers, had a really sucky Titan 25AUTO, made a few bucks on it to a guy that wantd it for a shadow box, thank god he never shot it? LOL Had a lot of really great cheaper guns, had a lot of Jenings J-22's as well as a few 25 auto raven and thought they were not well made , always went bang and you hit what you were trying for! Thats the sad thing, cheap doesn't walways mean bad, High $ don't always mean good? Seem a Glock 40 Compact shoot rings around the full size counterpart and thier was a 25$ difference in cost? Who knows anymore? Ya pays ya's money, ya takes ya's chances!
  13. greenjeans

    greenjeans New Member

    Accu-Tek .380. Magazine fell out every other shot. Have a friend that had one and it did the same thing.
  14. pioneer461

    pioneer461 New Member

    Heritage Manufacturing, Rough Rider. Single action .22lr / .22 magnum six shooter. Not to be confused with Heritage Arms. I bought it at a gun show, and got a "great deal" on it.

    It had lousy sights and bullets would tumble from both cylinders (lr & mag). Group? Fuggitaboutit! It was a pot metal pappa oscar sierra. The paint (yes paint) on the frame rubbed off when I tried to clean it. I used it as trading stock at my local gun store when I bought a real pistol. To my surprise they paid me almost full value. I guess it pays to go in on a Sunday when the owner is at home. :cool:

    They still show them on their web site, but I can not recommend them to anyone, except maybe my ex-wife. :rolleyes:

    I've owned some real crap over the years, but this thing was hands-down the worst. My next keystrokes will be to delete the picture from my computer.

  15. BlueXJ

    BlueXJ New Member

    Charter Arms AR-7 about 20 years ago. Traded it for a Nylon 66 but had to kick in a few bucks.
  16. steedarules

    steedarules New Member


    has anyone had alot of problems with the taurus millenium pro 9mm. had this one 2 months and did some dry firing(some say its bad others dont) now its at the manufacturer for firing pin spring work.
  17. Punisher

    Punisher New Member

    I purchased a new Springfield Armory M1A Scout last year and had nothing but feeding and ejection issues with it. Probably the worst weapon I've owned to date.
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  18. shoez

    shoez New Member

    I have to agree with Pioneer461, I just traded my Heritage Rough rider because it was junk. I mean it shot when the trigger was pulled, but I don't think I could hit a 5 gallon bucket at 15 yards. Even worse when I put the 22 mag. cylinder in. The Nickel plating was flaking off too. Oh well, I traded it even up for a surplus Mosin Nagant, I forget the model, but it is the long barreled one. I already have an M44, so I figured why not. And it shoots great.

    The other "worst gun" that comes to mind is the POS Norinco 9mm Tokarev I bought back in the mid 1990's. It jammed constantly, and sometimes it would jam so bad between the slide and locking lugs on the barrel, that it required a hammer to unjam! After some filing on the lugs, I got that fixed, but it was still poor quality and poor accuracy.
  19. glockfire

    glockfire New Member

    I had the same problem with mine, had it for about 1 month before it went away.
  20. Ed21

    Ed21 New Member

    Remington Viper .22. What a piece of work:rolleyes: Sights were nylon and kept slipping, was not accurate, magazine located where it gouged your support arm. Thankfully it was stolen.
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