What is the springfield ils

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Austin1, Nov 7, 2011.

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    So I'm going to risk making an *** out of myself and sounding clueless but I'm still new to 1911s and I'm not clear on what springfields ils is pros cons anything tried googleing and I just find where you can buy it not what it does
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    Assuming you mean Springfield Armory maker of the polymer XD and XDm, Springfield M1-A1 and several 1911 models.

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    Goto this link-----> Springfield Armory
    Click on a model of 1911, say the GI .45
    Click on 1911 manual
    Goto pages 13-17 of the manual

    Your answer lies there.
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  4. bartwatkins

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    I have been away for a couple of days & just now seeing this...

    ILS stands for Internal Locking System & is SA's mainspring locking mechanism.
    It is basically a pin block that locks the mainspring and prevents the gun from cocking. It is turned 'on' & 'off' by a key thingy that comes with the gun.

    One of the very 1st things that I did to my SA Loaded was to remove the entire mainspring & ILS assembly and replace with a Smith & Alexander mainspring housing & magwell combo. Replaced the SA mainspring with a 19# Wolff mainspring.
  5. trip286

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    Do all their models come with this? I've been wanting a 1911 and will most likely get one this coming Jan. or Feb. I originally wanted a S&W. Then a Colt. Kimber. Sig. With my expected tax return and money in savings I would have no prob picking up a $1K gun, but lately I find myself leaning toward the GI SA 1911 for the quality and affordability. I had a Rossi .357 mag snubbie with that stupid lock thingy on it, and hated the retardedness of the whole idea. I'd definitely be changing that if I had another gun with a dumb bass lock on it.
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    If memory serves me correctly, wasn't this an anti-gun group's wish for all pistols many years ago? Also, seems smith wesson kow-towed to their wishes, even though it wasn't made a law & many gun enthusiasts boy-cotted smith because of it? Anyway, I guess that all blew over because the boycott has obviously been dropped & no one mentions it. I didn't know that Springfield also did it.

    I know some imports have it because, while not required, it gains them 'points' when they are trying to get their weapons approved for import by ATF.
  7. orangello

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    Meh, my Bersa had one; i put the key in the safe to prevent unauthorized locking and had no problems with it. If i wanted to leave a handgun out but worried about kids (or my insane cats) i would consider it a plus.

    I don't use those stupid external trigger locks or breech locks, though the one from my Ruger GP100 makes a fine padlock for my footlocker (no scuff coating).
  8. JonM

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    i think all new springfields have them. best thing is to get rid if the ils all together. things like that have a tendency to break when you really need it. not a good thing on any gun much less a sd gun.

    and if anyone has a good way of getting rid of the bersa lock i would love to know
  9. bartwatkins

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    Yes, as far as I know yes all of the new production model SA's have this...
    I guess that the good thing about it is that it is easily removed. The change to mine took like 10 minutes to do.