What is the most popular rifle model (centerfire or rimfire) and chamber in USA

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    Hi Guys,

    I m new here.

    I wonder what is the most popular rifle model (centerfire or rimfire) in usa and what chamber (caliber)

    I wanna make pinpoint .

    thanks for help in advance
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    Welcome to the forum! When you get a minute, drop by the Intro thread and say hello.

    Your question covers a HUGE multitude of choices. In terms of sheer numbers, the .22 LR rim fire is considered to be the most popular caliber of rifle there is. EVERYBODY has a .22 tucked away, even if they MAINLY shoot (fill in the blank) Among the most popular .22s is the Ruger 10/22, nand the Marlin Model 60.

    After that, it is not so clear cut. For years the 30-30, 30-06 and .308 Winchester were the king of centerfires. Now the 5.56 and 7.62x39 have been growing in popularity.

    Most popular deer rifle? Winchester 94 in 30-30, and the Marlin 336 in same caliber.

    Most popular bolt action? Remington 700 and Winchester 70- but Savage is closing in.

    Most popular centerfire auto? The AR family of rifles, neck and neck with the AK family.

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    There is no dominant model, like Glock among handguns. Over many years I believe Remington 700 has been America's rifle. The caliber probably 30-06. This is all changing now. Rimfire, no doubt the caliber is .22 Long Rifle, Ruger 10-22 being most popular.
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    For a rimfire I would have to say the Ruger 10/22 for today is the most popular, but the Marlin 60 as very close. This is due mostly to them being so reliable and easy/easier to find over others.

    Savage 93(put in your designated model here) are proving to be quite popular today also if you want a good bolt action. They just haven't been around as long.

    For a centerfire, the Springfield or Mauser action has been every gunsmith's start for reliability, smoothness, safety for over 75yrs for custom builders. These actions have been around since the early 1900's in a chambering of 30-06.

    However, while the chambers and guns are older, the Winchester 94 in 30-30 and the Springfield Trapdoor in 45-70 Government as calibers have been around since the 1800's, but nowadays using different powders/barrels as the old rifles started off using "black powder" in their cartridges.
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    Deer rifle ctg?
    Depends what part the country your in.

    Growing up in northern Nebraska the older guys had 30-06, 270 Winchester, in a bolt action of one brand or other (mostly Remington 721/700 and Winchester model 70's) and a few .308's, had a highschool classmate that had a Browning BAR in .270, my father had a 88 Winchester in .308 but didnt like it and soon bought a Savage 99F in .243 Winchester, uncles/cousins that had .308's and 30-06's

    Out in eastern Wyoming, classmates Id seen quite a few savage 99 and Winchester 88 lever actions in .300 Savage, .250-300 Savage, .308 Winchester and .243 Winchester.

    7mm Rem Mag had a very popular following as well as the .300 Winchester Mag in popular bolt actions (didnt seem to be region specific).

    Out here in North West Alaska the one caliber you will find in village native store's is the .243 Winchester for caribou and moose.
    Other stock on shelves Id seen were.
    .30-06, .308, .243, .223, 30-30 Winchester, .45-70 Govt, .222 Rem, .22 Hornet
    .22 Lr, .22 Mag, .17 HMR
    12ga, 20ga, 410ga and sometimes 16ga

    Wolf hunters like the semi-autoRuger Mini-14 and the different AR's (black rifles) a few bolt action's .22-250 Remington and the .243 Winchester and some old .222's, 6mm Remingtons, .220 Swift and its redhaired stepchild the .225 Winchester.
    Quite a few milsurp stuff sold out the gun shops were 7.62x39 in AK's and SKS's, quite a few Mosins were sold here as well, and Mausers in 8x57, and the .303 Brit Enfields.

    Odd stuff was the 7.65 Arg and the 6.5 Swede and a few the 7.5 Swiss

    Popular rimfires were pump ations like winchesters, Rossi's and Remington 572 speedmaster
    Lever action winchester 9422, 150, Browning BL22 and the Henry, and a few Marlin Golden 39a's, Ruger 9622, 9622mags
    Semiauto's Marlin 60, Ruger 1022 and .22mag, Rem Nylon 66, 552 speedmaster, Browning BA22, Winchester 03, 63, 74, 190
    Bolt actions were Marlins (80/81, 782, 25M) and different Remington and Winchester's tube fed.
    Single Shots were Stevens 30, 73Y, Ithica 49, H&R Handi Rifle, some bolt action single shots by winchester, marlin, and remington.

    These days folks drag back all sorts of different rimfires from Anchorage, ive seen Calico m-100, AK clones, AR clones, and cheap stuff that breaks in the cold like the stamped sheet metal junk made by Remington (viper 522, 597)
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    Here in oz .. .22 hornet / .222/.223 / 22-250 / .243/ .25:06 / 30/06 and .308 ... My favourite is my 25/06 ... Good all rounder
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    The most popular rifle model, now that`s a hard one, the most popular centerfire cartridge, that`s probably a toss-up between the .223 Rem. & the .308 Win., the most popular Rimfire the .22LR, as far as the most popular caliber I am going to say the Thirty, that`s my .02 cents worth !..................