What is the best M1A scope mount?

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  1. BlueTurf

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    I have a SA NM M1A. I have always liked shooting with iron sights. As I age it gets more difficult to use iron sights so I have thought about putting a scope on my rifle. Do any of you have any recommendations for scope mounts? I have heard that the Springfield mounts are not very reliable. I guess scope mounts and optics are like a lot of things; you can spend as much money as you want and have for them. What has been your experience with some of the scope mounts available?
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    I have a good friend of mine that recently bought an m1 garand and put a scope on it. He bought a new metal top cover to replace the wooden piece that is just forward of the action. The only problem is with the way a m1 loads and ejects the clip you can not have your scope over the top of the action unless you do some modifying. He put some 45 degree mounts on that so his scope is just to the side of the action.

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    I prefer Sadlak mounts
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    Leatherwood ART???
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    i had an mia loaded from springfield a year or two back or so, ordered a bassett mount never could get it to stay tight following their directions. always shot itself loose. ended up using rockset and a inch pound torque wrench to lock it in. still never really liked how it all worked together and ended up selling it and buying a savage 10 fcp-sr.

    the m1 garand and m1a really arent good vehicles for scope usage. the irons are superb but scopes, meh. i would say go with something that replaces the rear sight with a third point of contact along with the built in side mount screw. the only m1a's ive ever seen that seem to work ok are the ones with that setup.