What is the best 22/250 ammo

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    Have recently bought a tc icon precision hunter chambered 22/250. Looking for good choices in ammo. I only do target shooting. I've been shooting federal 55 grain. It does alright I'm doing less than 1" at 100yrds. I know this gun will do much better than that. I don't reload so can't do that.
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    Your own reloads. You're never going to get a whole lot better shooting factory ammo. You have no control over case-to-chamber fit or bullet-to-rifling distance. You can reload for $150 or less and start making better ammo for your rifle. I have used Lee's little Reloading Press (~$35) for loading .30-06. It's not as nice as a more expensive press, but the ammo what just as good.
    IF there is a factory round using a Sierra Matchkings, that is probably as good as you'll find.
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    Since you don't reload,the best will be an expensive ammo test by shooting several different brands/types of ammo. Cabelas carries some good brands.
    I'd try Hornady,Black Hills,Winchester Silvertip,and HSM to start with.

    Cabela's: Search Results
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    Quit fooling yourself and reload your own.. Get some H-380 and some hp bullets and see what you can do.