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What is good

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What is a good bullet for reloading 223 I want a 55gr?
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Fmj/bt for plinking. Hornady a-max is good. Little hard to buy anything 55gr .223 right now. Most places are out of stock.
Boat tailed bullets for accuracy and flat base for plinking, Rem, Win, Horn have fmj and soft points for plinking cheap. If you look for more accuracy I look at the Amax by Hornady or Sierra's match grade. I shoot a lot of Nosler 55 bt.
I buy bulk Remngton 55 FMJBT. (M193 ball)
ive been using winchester FMJ 55gr. works decent enough for plinking and targets.. have hornady 69 and 75 gr on the shelf when the time calls for threading the needle. hehe
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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