what is going to happen?

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  1. sharpshooter1997

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    I was reading some of your guys prep tips and threads like it and I.was wanting to know. In your opinion what is going to happen and when it does what is your first plan of action?
  2. sdiver35

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    I doubt anyone really knows what or when anything will happen. You can count another financial meltdown at some point, but will it be in our lifetime? Probably, but no one can predict exactly when. Indicators like Cypress would lead us to think it isn't too far off, but again I couldn't predict when it would happen here in the US.

    It may be next year when all of the taxes and penalties are enforced under the Affordable Care Act, but who knows.

    Plan of action - hunker down and see what shakes out. We have supplies to weather a small storm.

  3. NC1760

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    Plan of action? ... Get more self-sufficient and have on hand a crank radio, medical supplies, shelf-stable food, water bobs and portable water containers, an axe, shovel, a fire extinguisher, a good reliable gun and some ammo.... never let your vehicle get below a half a tank. Maybe a good generator and gas to run it for 6 to 8 hours daily for a week (at least). Make a plan to hunker down where you are and another if you have to bug out (of course, have a place.. or a couple of places... you can bug out to) and you should be good to go for anything.

    Get your friends and neighbors in on a plan if you can. Better in a group than going it alone.
  4. eatmydust

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    Let me preface my answer with this; I have prepared for retirement, by saving and investing, I may never have a retirement, however, I am preparing for it.

    I am also preparing for other possibilities, that may or may never arise.

    There are short-term challenges, like hurricanes, floods, pandemics and the like, that everyone should have a plan for.

    There are medium-term (week - months) possible challenges (emp, hurricanes, small meteor impact regionally) that can be prepared for without massive investment. (NASA scientists, were just in front of the House & Senate this week testifying to possibilities of meteor strikes and our response to them. Their answer was "Pray".)

    Then, there are long-term challenges that will tax even the most well-healed and prepared of us (use your imagination here!).

    In most scenarios, I'm planning for a "staycation", I'm in my 50's.

    I've menttioned him before and here it is again, if you haven't read James Wesley, Rawles books, get to it.

    Lastly, I think it is safe to assume that everyone here has or is "prepped" for the possibility of home invasion during times of plenty, I think the next logical step is to "prep" for times of scarcity and the possible scenarios that presents.
  5. Donn

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    Exactly. I've been hearing dire predictions since the Black Helicopter days of the early 80's. Could Western society melt down? Sure, anything's possible. Closest we've come in my lifetime was the social upheaval in the 60's. Personally, I'm too old to run and have nowhere to run to. Everything I have, such as it is, is right here. I will be too, one way or the other.
  6. NC1760

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    Prepper... sure, why not?

    For me, it all came clear a couple of years ago on a Friday morning. We had taken the day off from work and my son was not in school that day. We as a family were doing a Colonial Reenacting event that weekend and the truck was packed and the dogs taken to the kennel the night before. Just before we showered that morning, the news broke of a chemical warehouse fire in the downtown area; http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/06/us/07chemcnd.html?_r=0 No one living close even knew that the chemicals being stored there were of such a volatile nature. Most assumed since it was tucked behind a builder's supply depot, that at the most it would contain construction materials such as paint, thinner, polyurethane etc. etc. .... It was just dumb luck that we were packed and leaving anyway.

    That's when it started to hit me that we should prepare for 1) some kind of natural event 2) be willing to get mobile quickly should the need arise (and have a destination of safety ...or two....to get to) .... It doesn't take much for things to turn upside down either. Stay ready and fluid and you'll be okay in most scenarios.
  7. TLuker

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    My view on prepping is probably different than most, but I believe in preparing for the most likely events.

    At some point we will go into a bad or should I say "another" bad economic recession or depression. That event is almost a certainty and has already happened many times. For me that is the event to try and be the most prepared for. My plan of action for that is to have no debt as quickly as possible so that I don't have to worry about losing my house if I lose my job and can't make the payments. To go along with that, I want to produce as much of my own food as possible. I also want to have a good bit of money put back in savings. In other words I'm preparing to go for extended periods without a job.

    I think the next most likely event would be an economic collapse? That event isn't nearly as likely but certainly possible especially with the state of the world economy. The only thing I would do different for this is to not have all of my money in cash because the value of cash would be the same as toilet paper if this happens. I want part of my savings to be in material things that will hold their value like guns and hand tools. The dollar might become worthless but a good rifle will always have value, assuming you have bullets. My reloading press and all the brass, powder, and bullets I bought last year are looking like a pretty good investment right now. :)

    Finally there are all the least likely SHTF events that most of us think about prepping for. Any of those events could happen at any time and we should all be prepared for them, but I think we should still keep things in perspective. If I knew a solar flair was going to take out the power grid tomorrow (which really could happen) I would go out and stock up on solar panels and batteries, and then store them in a Faraday cage. That's not a bad idea assuming you are prepared for the most likely event first, which is economic depression. For me it doesn't make much sense to buy solar panels if you haven't paid off your house or you are renting.

    My prepping plan is long term and will take many years to get to where I want to be, but I will in a good position no matter what happens when I get there.

    Just my .02:)
  8. Shade

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    What I am prepping for is for a societal collapse, what triggers it can be
    debated. I am expecting the Dollar and the Euro to collapse based on the
    wreckless monetary policies of the EU and the USA. Which one collapses
    first is anybody's guess but the other will follow in days, if not sooner.
    The collapse will be global.

    Keep in mind just over one half of the world's economy / wealth /
    productivity / industry / commerce resides in the US and the EU. That will
    plunge will make the Great Depression look like Sunday picnic.

    With in weeks the food riots will decimate the population, you need to be
    able to feed yourself for the long term and defend you and your family.
  9. Birchhatchery

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    if you were a guessin man shade how long before you think we will see that happening?
  10. MattShlock

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    Don't humor the OP -- he's here to ridicule you.
  11. kytowboater

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    He's a 15 year old kid looking into this stuff. Be nice.
  12. MisterMcCool

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    I am skeptical.
  13. Shade

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    If I was really that good I would be rich and have a castle built in Montana or there abouts right...

    But right now I am guessing 2 month to 2 years. But depends alot on how
    things go both here and in the EU. If we get to the mid-term elections how
    those go can be a massive influence.

    Skepticism is good.
  14. locutus

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    when will it happen?? Not in our lifetime.

    Teamsters strike causing regional problems? sure., Natural disaster?? Sure.

    Global or national disaster?? No way. "Far too many safeguards in place, both private and public.

    Two weeks supply of the necessities for life, and a decent weapon with a couple hundred rounds and you're set.
  15. locutus

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