What is considered a large pistol verses a small pistol for primers?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by BAMonty, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Looking at buying primers today and couldn't get an answer as to what is the difference caliber-wise for large and small. I'm going to be reloading 45 ACP (probably large?); 40 S&W (?); and 9mm (small, I expect..) I really appreciate anyone who can clear this up for me. Thanks again!!
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    Pistol Primers

    Not trying to be a smart*** but buy a reloading manual.

  3. JonM

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    generally it is the case size to quantity of powder to be ignited. the more gunpowder the bigger the primer needs to be. any decent reloading manual will tell you what sort of primer is needed.
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    I started with a Hodgden paperback magazine style manual. You can get one for about 15 bucks. You can get a really good one for $25 or $30. Your life is worth so much more than the cost of a book. Don't even think of reloading without a manual. You can get recipes form Hodgdon.com. But you still need a book.

    Small pistol vs large pistol-one is simply bigger than the other.
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    If you look at a 45 acp and a 9mm it will be obvious which primer is which.
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    i have the Speer reloading manual rifle & pistol ive read it top to bottom side to side front to back many many times. Get a good Manual and do the same. i never reload for any buddy but me and rarely my brother in law and only pistol for him
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    If you are picking up range brass, or buying some 'indoor range' oriented ammo, then you WILL come across some .45ACP cases using small primers. Check the primer size when you pick them up - WIN NT and FED NT ar two that have the small primer. Plays havoc with your loading when you are cranking the LP primers into your cases, and one gets smashed because it's got a small pocket....... I cull these cases out and save them for when I have enough to load a full box.
    Once you get into rifle loading, you'll find some calibers have both sizes too. Pretty soon it becomes just another thing to check.......
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    Believe it or not, when the .357 Mag was introduced, it had large primers. VERY rare to find one of those cases today. Even though the .40 is based on the 10mm case, it has small primers where the 10mm has large. I load a bunch of .45 small primed Speer cases (lead free LE range ammo).

    When you get to rifles, the 7.62 X 39 cases are large rifle primed. Except for the R-P cases. Allegedly Remington has started the transition from small to large primers, I have seen a few of the newer large primed cases lately.

    The .454 Casull uses small RIFLE primers. These are dimensionally the same as small pistol primers, just hotter and harder.
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    "What is considered a large pistol verses a small pistol for primers?"

    Large ones go in the big holes, small ones go in the little holes. :D :confused:
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    I'm proud to say I've never set off a primer because of this. I run all my brass through a debur and the LEE primer pocket cleaner. The Blazer (Speer) 45acp with the small primer dont fit the large end that are for the large primer pockets. It's extremely irritating cause I refuse to use a small primer on 45acp and throw them away so i get less of a count when I actually buy once fired brass or pick up from the range.