What is a Sophisticated Gun ?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by BigO01, Sep 3, 2008.

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    Ah the stupid garbage that comes out of the Democrats mouths to blame crime on guns .

    Watching the news last night and Good Ol Mayor Slay the Mayor of the city of St. Louis "remember my Killing over a Cheeseburger thread" has a great explanation for the huge rise in murders in his city .

    They now have had 119 murders this year , which they gotta be fudging the numbers because it has been holding at 119 for weeks now and I know I've seen I dunno how many live reports from on going crime scenes including one of the cheeseburger killings .

    Anyway good old Slay explains the whole problem is the Easy availability of guns and the availability of the Sophisticated guns the criminals are getting !!

    Whats really funny is the fact that in the few instances they catch a criminal with any type of decent auto pistol they must show it off like they were a Great White hunter that just stopped a man eating Tiger or something .

    And since those opportunities have been few and far between for them I doubt many of the weapons used have been any more sophisticated than old revolvers .

    Why can't the sheep understand that guns were far more available prior to 1968 and the first Federal gun laws and that all of these Sophisticated guns have been designed long before they were born in most cases .

    Even the plastic wonders like a Glock are based on established designs for semiautomatic firearms and even if they were somehow a more Sophisticated gun they still fire a basic round that was designed 100 years ago or more .

    I am just so amazed that people still vote for these azzes when they have looked them in the face time and time again and told them a boldface lie that can be so easily proven to be a lie .
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    St. L

    I was born out in the county. My dad talked about St. Louis had under ground news papers that told the real story of murders their. Some times I think they just try to cover up so the cities looks good to tourist or new residents. I agree some new guns look cool but the princible likely remains the same about how the powder goes off. Also a lot on TV and in movies are likely done with sound machines and not real bullets. I seen where a girl ran a wire over posts setting off charges in the ground. Those old cowboys doing the dance were not likely getting real bullets shot at their feet. But the anti gunners don't see it that way.

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    "Sophisticated gun" = Purdey, Merkel, Holland & Holland. A gun that would wear a smoking jacket or an ascot. As opposed to my unsophiticated guns- Winchesters, Marlins, and Mossbergs.
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    Most politicians get their gun information from the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. http://www.bradycenter.org/

    When a politician wants information on an issue, any issue, they assign a staffer to research it and prepare a report. If that staffer has a bias, as most of them do, guess what? The report just happens to coincide with his or her bias. :eek: Amazing! I work for a high profile elected local official and know first hand how this stuff happens. I see it every day.

    Most of these egotistical idiots (politicians) actually believe the Brady Bunch is a legitimate clearing house for information on firearms. They are given the party line and that becomes their opinion. They would never think of asking the NRA, because after all, they are the much hated "gun lobby." They don't consider the Bradys to be a "lobby," so taking money and freebie vacations and meals from them is okay.

    On my 13th birthday (1958), I marched myself down to the local Sears Store and bought my first gun with cash. A JC Higgins .22 rifle. Hows that for easy access to guns?


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    I love the "murder" stats. When they are trying to amp up the numbers, they include all homicides including justified homicides (self defense) and Police killings of armed thugs.

    "Firearms are killing our children". I love that one. They include 25 year olds as children. When a 23 year old gets killed in a shootout with the Po Po, that's gun violence. When a 25 year old ex con commits suicide with a firearm, that's gun violence. No, A$$hole, that's crime prevention.
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    Ignorance breeds stupidity, and Stupidity feeds on Ignorance. What a vicious circle!!! Gawd, I am so glad I live in Texas!