What is a fanboy??

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    I keep hearing over and over again folks being called a fanboy; mostly Glock fanboys. Is a fanboy someone who only likes and buys Glock pistols? If so, i am sure there are some 1911 fanboys too! Me personally, i like different guns. I like the M&P,XD, even the Ruger SR40. I just trust and know Glocks inside out. Hey, i even would like a 1911 commander size:)
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    A "fan-boy" usually puts his favorite brand in his screen name. :p
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    [​IMG]You did it AGAIN!
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    The term fanboy is liberally applied to Glock devotees. They tend to disregard all logical arguments put forth about any other platform or manufacturer. Fanboy is frequently used in a derogatory manner because the person so labeled appears to be closed minded and has consumed a great quantity of the Glock kool-aid.

    The term is almost never applied to a 1911 owner as they have carefully considered all available options and (rightfully) found that the brainchild of the immortal John Moses Browning is a timeless design and fills the bill for their purposes.

    Glock makes a good pistol. It has some features that some do not like. The 1911 is a fine pistol. It has some features that some do not understand and therefore fear.

    No, I do not own either a Glock or a 1911. I am a S&W guy, go figure.
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    You are not a fanboy :cool:

    Robo pretty much gave a good definition. Most Glock fanboys will make comments about how every striker fired, polymer framed pistol is merely a knock-off/copy of Glock. They have a tendency to put Glock on a pedestal, and really buy into the whole "Perfection" slogan. They will compare every pistol to a Glock (not in the least fairly either). It's kinda like the Star Wars fanboys that will get physically angered at the "trekkies" just because :rolleyes:. I tend to distance myself from crap like that which is why i've never watched Star Wars or Star Trek and i've never bought a Glock and who knows if i ever will :confused:

    A fan on the other hand would be someone who has a brand loyalty but doesn't run around spouting off a bunch insignificant garble to sway others into thinking their brand is the only, end-all-be-all brand you should ever buy just because they have one, so you should too!

    I'm not knocking Glock at all as they have proven time and time again to be hell and back reliable and some day i might just say the hell with it and pick one up and give it a try. Been seriously contemplating a 23 to replace the Sigma but now that Ruger released the SR40c, it's gonna be a tough choice.
  7. M14sRock

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    A Fanboy is someone who rabidly says brand "X" is the best.

    But they can't tell you any reasons why it is the best, or why another brand is not not great.
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    I Love them All!

    I love all guns but the one I choose for my EDC is my Glock 36. In my 14 years of owning and shooting Glocks (lost count), I am still waiting for my first malfunction. I do own other guns such as Colt, S&W, Walther, and a few others but the one I choose to some day save my life is my Glock. Just call me a fan boy but it's my life, not yours.;)
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    OK, its like4:30 AM & I'm in a hotel room in Toronto. My son cannot sleep because I SNORE very loudly. Naturally I log on here with nothing better to do...so, you ASKED for it - YOU ARE A FANBOY! JK :p
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    I'm a fanboy of many makes and calibers. Gets darn expensive and you need a big safe! :p
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    I've been called a CZ fanboy, hell, I run the Original CZ Forum! But I own a nice Smith revolver, would love a Ruger Vaquero, was recently perusing GunBroker prices on Walther P5s,(OUCH!), etc. I currently have mostly CZs, and believe in the company, the product and the people, but I also know not everyone likes the same thing, or we would all carry the exact same thing. :) To me, and the thousands of members of CZF, the CZ design is the one we trust/like the most, probably just the same as all the members at GlockTalk, etc. ;D
    Now that I said that, I think I'll carry my Smith 10-8 tomorrow just to shake things up. :D
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    I'm a HARLEY-DAVIDSON...Fan-boy.........I LOVE Motorcycles...........
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    this is a fanboy fallowed by a chum chum

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfsR2-w-fBk]FANBOY AND CHUM CHUM VIDEO - YouTube[/ame]

    ... sorry had to do it