What if your guns got stolen?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by orienteeer, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. orienteeer

    orienteeer New Member

    could you provide the details that law enforcement would need to get them back to you? or at least be able to try?
    i have photos of all my firearms with their serial numbers, model numbers, & specific details about each of them on the photo.
    if any of them go missing (unlikely, because they're all locked up), i could immediately hand the photo(s) to a cop & at least hope they would be recovered.
  2. mountainman13

    mountainman13 New Member

    Yes I have all the info. No firearms are almost never recovered. You are better off giving the info to your insurance company.

  3. Marlinman

    Marlinman New Member

    Exactly......and start watching local pawn shops
  4. John_Deer

    John_Deer New Member

    Why would a thief risk a pawn shop when he can sell his goods to his buddies for a premium price? Unless the thief gets busted with all the goods your gun is gone.

    Take reasonable precautions. Get a safe. Get a rider on your insurance to cover the cost of your guns. Pay your NRA dues. The NRA gives you $2,500 gun insurance for free. If you rent a room from a friend or live with a relative their insurance does not cover your stuff. Keep your home and vehicle locked. Even if your car is in a locked garage the insurance will not pay if your vehicle is unlocked.
  5. Marlinman

    Marlinman New Member

    I get people trying to sell me stolen guns all the tine at the shop. So apparently YOUR the one that's uninformed mon ami. Ya the things you said are good ideas but people still sell ALOT of stolen guns to pawnshops or gunsmiths if they have their own distribution stock.
  6. dango

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    Two weeks before this last Christmas,I had and emergency while I was target shooting. A main pipe from my house to my well burst.

    In my haste,I flipped my breaker to the pump off and ran to the nearest hardware store. I'd forgot I was packing my .45. While in the store,someone busted my passenger side window out where my G36 was.

    It was posted,(No Firearms),but I knew that. I was in a hurry and not thinking.
    I would have left at home.
    Police show up,take all info,dust for finger prints and I didn't have serial No. with me . Had to call then go in and fill out some paper work.
    If you own a Chevy Silverado,you know the glove box has no lock.GPS,36,cd,s
    and all my change.

    I have not heard any news since.No gun,got to learn what crappy insurance I had to.Made several calls but to no avail.
    Good Luck to ya!:confused:
  7. Ultimate_sig

    Ultimate_sig New Member

    I had some one burglarize my home. Took my flatscreen, xbox (brand new), games, surrond sound and high end stereo. Had all my serial numbers and they turned up in a pawn shop. Dumbass got alot of trouble. Burglary, b and e, reciving stolen property, and a few other things. And of all people it was a nieghbor
  8. la71105

    la71105 New Member

    I had 2 pistols stolen, had serial# for 1. I just never thought it could happen and was unprepared pistols were in a pistol safe and I had the keys, could not bolt safe down due to being in a rent house with hardwood floors. They took safe and all don't know if they ever got safe open but I do know police did not really investigate because at the time step son was main suspect and he was never questioned
  9. blucoondawg

    blucoondawg New Member

    Because usually thieves are lazy and often stupid, they want to unload the goods fast and don't so much care about getting top dollar, just gettin any dollar is good for them as they don't have any investment in the goods.
  10. orangello

    orangello New Member

    I need to update them for my Christmas pistol, but images of the rest, including serial #'s, are stored on photobucket in a private account (free).

    All of the firearms offered to me privately that i knew to be stolen were priced to move. I really liked the feel of that Kahr PM40, but i didn't want one that was hot or particularly in .40. I could've had it for $100. If my firearms were ever stolen, i would be checking with pawn shops and some individuals who would be likely to know about recently liberated goods offered for sale. I do wonder what paperwork would be required for me to claim them, as some were bought privately from non-licensee's.
  11. Marlinman

    Marlinman New Member

    The paperwork is like one page at your local sheriffs department Gello. Its not that big a hassle. Although they do take a ballistic sample off any gun they find as stolen.
  12. lfcshooter

    lfcshooter New Member

    Burglary is usually done by locals who know you or you movements more often than not
  13. F4U

    F4U Well-Known Member Supporter

    I have had 2 stolen, most likely by my youngest brother. I keep a list with make, model, & serial number. One of the stolen guns was an old .32 auto that had some problems. I bought it from a friend extremely cheap with the idea that I would fix it or it would be a decoration. I threw it in the drawer of my loading/gun bench to work on later without recording the usual info. It disapeared out of that drawer, I don't even remember what make it was.

    The taurus that was my house gun I had all info on and reported it as soon as it went missing last summer. The last week in Dec. the sherriffs dept called to see if it was still missing because the case was still open and they were still looking for it.

    It is my understanding that as long as it not evidence in a crime if it turns up it will be returned to me.

    As I said I am almost positive it was my youngest brother, but I can't get him to tell me what he did with them. He is in jail on other charges now and will probably be there for the foreseeable future. The sad part is Mom knows he is a thief, he has stolen alot of stuff from her and Dad, when he is jail she can relax because he has 3 hots and a cot and is not stealing from them while they are in AZ. for the winter.

    Just for the record my middle brother is a doctor, so it was not a bad upbringing from Mom & Dad.
  14. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    best possible way is to record the serial numbers and all information about your firearms and keep it on record with your insurance carrier. if possible keep this information on a flash drive as well. you can even store pictures on is as well.
  15. Vikingdad

    Vikingdad New Member

    I have pics and numbers recorded. Never needed them to date.

    I do know of one stolen gun that was recovered. It was stolen from my best man's father's flight bag the night of my bachelor party. There were a couple of guys who were the "escorts" for the entertainment. While she was doing her thing for all of us in one room the dudes were ripping off my buddy's dad's stuff in his office. The gun is a .38 S&W. It was recovered the next day in a freak coincidence where the car with the guys who stole it got pulled over because the license number had been reported at the scent of a drive-by shooting a few days earlier. Dudes ran for it, tossing the .38 over a fence where the cops recovered it. They ran the numbers and it was returned to my buddy's dad a few weeks later. The fact that he was a very high powered attorney who also served as one of those not-quite-a-judge in the court system here (I forget what they call that) might have something to do with its timely return.