What hiking boots??

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    I need to climb something... something tall, like a mountain. Spring can't come soon enough.

    Two years now, I've tried three different brands of hiking boots. 2009 was a pair of New Balance hiking boots, I liked them, they were comfortable and dry, but wore out too quick. I had to buy a new pair half way through the summer. My friend recommended Merrell. Those lasted the rest of the year and halfway into 2010. A different friend recommended Keen, which I wasn't impressed with. So this year, I'm strongly looking at Danner. Their hiking boot selection is not as extensive as I would like, but they look durable.

    Basically, I want a boot that will last more than one year! What do you guys have/recommend?? I'm looking for preferably ankle cut and definitely water proof.
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    Odd that your Merrells didn't last. I use them from Spring through Fall and get at least 2 if not 3 years out of them at work, play, everything.

    I liked the Keens but mine wore out within the 1st year as well. I wear a pair of Solomans in the winter, I think this is the 3rd/4th winter, but the soles are almost gone now.
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    My light hikers are Merrells. They are fine with loads under 25 lbs, and light as a feather. No fatigue at the end of long day.

    My serious boots are REI's and they are built to last a lifetime. I've used them for about 7 years, so far, in the Sierras. Raichle makes them for REI. I've used them with 70+lbs in the pack and been fine.

    My hunting boots are Browning Kangaroos and they rock.

    Super Feet insoles in all of them.
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    I've got the REI Monarchs, they work good, I haven't done to much hiking with 'em, but they've held up good.

    A few friends of mine swear by Danners, I haven't tried them out yet but when I get my next pair of boots I will be.
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    loved my summits, but i cant advise as to what vasque has to offer these days...and or whether or onto they got too pricey, they werent the cheapest to begin with. they're very light and once they break in, they perform well in comfort and flexibility...

    thats the only hiking boot ive had, my second pair of vasques are still going....

    i would not recommend them for very cold temps though....thats one weakness they have.

    good luck shopping, so much out there to sift through
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    I really like Timberland boots. I am out in the field nearly every weekend, they have lasted about 2 years so far and have a lot of tread and support left.
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    Browse the Promotive Companies, there are a lot of choices and bargain deals. All I can really add, I mainly go barefoot.:D
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    I'm on my second pair of vasque. and althought i do not like my new vasque nearly as much (1st pair made in Italy, 2nd pair made in china) as the first pair they are great boots. I wear them everyday to work in the winter and outside working and hiking and hunting. I bought my first pair in 2003 and they are still in decent shape. I have had my current pair 2 years and they still appear to be brand new.
    For me if a hiking boot doesn't last 5 years its not worth buying. That said I'd look at vasque and Asolo, both really excellent boots.