What Happens When Firearms Are Banned

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    Interesting find! Older journalism piece about what happened when firearms were banned in Australia, seems soo relevant given our own political climate. Once again, fear the criminals, not the guns. Please watch and share your thoughts...
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    Officialy only the outlaws will be armed.

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    Ask a 90 year old Jew.....
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    Forgot to add a little background to the story:

    The ban was initiated in Australia after a crazed gunman killed 35 people in Port Arthur, Tasmania, in 1996. Due to this, the Australian federal government persuaded all states and territories to implement tough new gun control laws. Under the National Firearms Agreement (NFA), firearms legislation was tightened throughout the country, and a national registration of guns was imposed, thus making it illegal to hold certain long guns and semi's that might be used in mass shootings. This gun ban was backed up by a mandatory buy-back program that ending up netting and ultimately destroying 631,000 firearms.
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    My biggest concern, as an American, is our all too American tendency these days to look for simple solutions to complex issues.

    In the mind of a gun grabber Gun Control == Results. Nevermind that massacres happened during the old AWB, nevermind that the features of the gun had nothing to do with motive, nevermind that current proposed legislation would have done nothing to prevent the latest tragedy. It's their hammer, the only tool some of them have, so everything is a nail. They'll hammer that screw, that bolt, that hex nut until the issue is completely broken and impossible to fix. Then they pat themselves on the back because of their enthusiasm.

    Unfortunately, a lot of Americans will go along with that because there are complex issues that go along with these killings. Days after the Clackamas shooting and days before the Sandy Hook shootings I predicted we'd see more spree killings. We did. It wasn't a bold prediction. We'll continue to turn a blind eye or pursue meaningless "solutions" because the American people have no stomach to tackle complex issues.

    What is the solution? I don't know, but we'll never know as a society unless we're willing to start looking at root causes and taking a hard look at the problem.

    We're also going to have to come to terms with the undeniable truth that bad people will do bad things no matter what we do. We can only reduce these massacres, we will never be able to prevent them completely.
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    A MA newspaper had couple polls. The first question was do you think tougher laws would have stopped the CT shooting? 82% responded no. The next question was would you be willing to pay more taxes to put armed guards in schools? 51% were willing to pay more taxes. Apparently people think we can legislate safety.
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    First off any more ANTI GUN LAWS would not help! THIS IS A MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE the other side does not wanna see it that way they want to BLAME a OBJECT.:mad:
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    Hammer and nail; great analogy!!!!!!!!! Nice job.
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    Well said...
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    Made me sick to see those guns being destroyed. ;___;
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    Look at current knife laws is every country that banned guns.... Including Australia!
    First they ban the guns.., then the knives. It never ends folks!!!! Never!!!

    You think I'm being alarmist when I state that you'll one day need a registration permit for a baseball bat?
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    wrong, guiys. the antis are NOT "misinformed", or "misguided". they know EXACTLY what they are doing. they want to ENSLAVE you or kill you and REMOVE your ability to resist their tyranny. That is truly what it is all about. you give up the autorifles, then it's the pumps and levers and autopistols, then it's the revolvers, bolt actions and repeating shotguns, then it's the single shots, the muzzleloaders, the crossbows, the pellet rifles, swords. JUST like England and Japan. If you give up ANYHTING, you will never get it back, and it becomes easier for them to get the NEXT thing.
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    It is not about gun control. It is about people control. Once we are disarmed we are finished. We are headed towards being a third world dictatorship or just another socialist state in the United Nations. Subjects not citizens. Obama will push for a total gun ban. Maybe not right now but before his 2nd term is up. This is not new. It has been in the works for 150 years.
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    Here are hints of how it worked!

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    sorry Bonney, but you are wrong. most liberal anti-gunners refuse to listen to logic and common sense. they will not tolerate facts or statitics that prove them wrong time after time. time has proven that gun control laws, restrictions and bans have never stopped or detered criminal acts or violent attacks, but they refuse to accept this. their thought process' revolve around a Utopian world where everyone lives in harmony and guns are evil, and not people. that if guns are eliminated, then peoples evil thoughts and actions will be eliminated.
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    The ban in Austrailia proves something I have been saying for years. If a ban is put in place, Crime rates WILL go up. This has already been proven in NYC, Chicago, Detroit, L.A., and several other cities. "Gun Free Zones" are also useless. Proven at Columbine, Aroura, V.Tech, and Sandy Hook. Bans are not the answer, they are a "feel good" measure that is destined to fail. The level of failure is measured in a body count.

    Some gun laws can make a positive difference. Allow our teachers and schook staff to CC. Drop the restrictive laws, and allow us, as American citizens, the right and ability to defend ourselves and the ones we love. I think that everyone who watches this video needs to send it to our representatives in DC and our state capitols. Send e-mails, and letters. Pass the word on to all of the likeminded people you know. Have them do the same.

    Do I think that what happened inAustraikia could happen here? Yes. Do I think that we as Americans have the ability to stop it from happening? Again, yes. Contact you representatives and inform them of the fact that we will be voting for or against them during the next election, and that their vote on any more restictions or bans WILL affect how we vote. I already have, as have roughly60 of my friends, family, and associates. Some have already gotten replies, I am srill waiting on mine. That has not stopped me from sending out a fresh batch this morning, My voice will be heard, and ALL of our voices Must be heard. ONly then, will we have a chance at keeping this from happening.

    Fight for your rights, or we as a nation will perish. Sign petitons, and make your voice heard.
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    Watch this FICTIONAL video.

    I have been trying to get a message to all who will listen that it won't matter how we lose our 2nd Amendment rights. All that will matter is that WHEN we lose our 2nd Amendment rights, we have lost all of our rights and we are slaves to the government. Read about the US fight for independence. All of the arguments were made at that time also.

    Here is a fictional video offering ONE viewpoint of what might happen.

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    We can't let that happen to America!!!
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    Yeah because nobody really needs a pointed knife, the only part anyone uses is the blade
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    That...needs to be shared with everyone! No, we CANNOT let that happen to America!
    People.. If it comes to it, We all have to stand up now, like our forefathers have done in the past.