What handgun would be more suitable for me?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by ZmbieWolf, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. ZmbieWolf

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    Hey guys (and the occasional gal Hehe) I was wondering what handgun would suit me the best an m1911 variation or an m9 variation? I'm 6' 2", and fairly thin (about 125-130 lbs). I don't have my license yet but i want a few opinions before I get a licence and buy a pistol
  2. ZombieBrawler

    ZombieBrawler New Member

    Whats your use? CC? Range only? Both?

  3. ZmbieWolf

    ZmbieWolf New Member

    Home and property defence/range shooting
  4. robocop10mm

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    A 9mm is cheaper to feed. A Beretta is one of my least favorite platforms. Too big for the caliber. A 1911 is more of a "thinking man's gun". Far better suited to gun fighting than the M-9 regardless of caliber.
  5. blucoondawg

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    You're the only one who can answer that question, I've got a Beretta 40 and I love it, it's all about what fits you well and the features you want, some guys, like robocop here don't like Beretta, many do like them, I for one cannot stand Glocks, or really any striker fired pistol, I like a hammer and a safety and a decent trigger, research the calibers and features and try some out and get what feels good, an opinion is like an *******, everyone has one.
  6. HockaLouis

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    The world's your oyester -- other than new Taurus revolvers there're so many great choices available! Don't limit yourself.
  7. danf_fl

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    If you have not received any training, I would highly recommend getting that first.

    Go to a range and watch how people do with different handguns. Those who seem accurate or proficient would be the ones to observe most. Watch their style and ask questions.

    Remember, even as a bystander, hearing and eye protection are required.

    HOSSFLY New Member

    echo echo echo echo :)
  9. B33zyB4by

    B33zyB4by New Member

    If you are not a regular shooter you may want to go shoot some to find out if a 45 is too much recoil for you. Which ever firearm you purchase you have to practice with it. Get to a range and go often. As others have said 9mm is considerably cheaper to shoot and in my opinion is a far better caliber choose for a new shooter.
  10. Reaper61

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    How a handgun feels in your hand is a huge factor. You can read all about guns, do as much research as you want, even have your heart set on a certain brand....BUT until you actually hold that weapon and fire it you will not know. I will use myself as an example. I did 10 months of handgun research over in Aghanistan and had decided that I wanted an XDM40. Until I got home and shot a buddies and realized I didnt like the way it felt in my hand and I hated the trigger. I ended up with a Ruger instead. So all that being said go hold the gun you think you want and if you can shoot it. Then make your desicion.
  11. hardluk1

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    If you can grip a glock well ? Pick a glock 21. maynot be cool or pretty but they tend to simple work well. And I am not a glock fan and would never carry one for CC BUT I own a G17 for home defence, good basic pistol and easy to shoot. A glock 21 is lighter loaded than many 1911's and thats with 13 +1 rounds of ammo with a 45 acp. With time behind the trigger any pistol will feel right. Don't let first impressions turn you off on a firearm. Also it seems more than a few 1911's can be more than picky with HP ammo so buy wisly.

    I own a s&w sigma, glock 17, 2 kahrs 9mm, there My cc pistols. several 357's and a 44mag. The glock 17 is my wifes first choice and I have a sigma 40cal for around the house. None are really bad with time behind the trigger. See what you can shoot that any buddies or members near you have first.
  12. sweeper22

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    The Beretta can be nice if you have really large hands. But for steel/alloy framed 9mms I would definitely prefer a CZ 75, Browning Hi-Power, or Sig P226/229. The CZ offers the most gun for the dollar of the bunch, and is sort of a nice cross between the 1911 and M9 platforms in my opinion.

    The OP should really investigate the CZ 75b before dropping any cash.