What gun would you take to Protect you and your Family in the Woods for Camping Trip

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    You need something that is Reliable Probably a Revolver 12 Gauge Shotty Big Caliber .45acp,.357mag,.44mag bigger maybe, Maybe a Semiauto like a Glock which are one of the Most Reliable as you known and from my experience never a jam or ftf or fte in my experience. The only Big Caliber glock is the .45acp and 10MM the Most Powerful round for the Glock forget that .45gap round i have heard negative but i do not know from my own experience with it. I have not yet heard of or had a Revolver Failure but they can happen but not so far in my life.

    You just never know what type of Animal or Deliverance type of character you might encounter LOL in the woods. My choice is a Colt Python .357mag and a Glock 21 .45acp Do you think those are good choices i think so. Even to those who say the .45acp round is underpowered.

    What are your Guns for the Woods????? Please share pics as well if you got them
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    Id say my .45 because it is always with me and id also take pardner pump 12 gauge with top folder loaded with 00 buck, couldnt post pic from my phone

    Um ok i guess it did post, i tried four times but it said application crashed everytime, oh well. I feel like a dufus

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  3. 762

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    i just took a trip to the mountains to go camping, hands down i'd take a 12 gauge. we were there for 3 days and saw 3 bears. heard coyotes both nights too
  4. PanBaccha

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    If we are on alert for crazed woodsmen (Deliverance)
    I'd have to say I'd take my S&W 457, which shoots 45ACP's.
    But just lately I was immediately impressed with the Taurus
    Public Defender revolver
    , which shoots 45 long Colts & 410's
    triple 000 buckshot. What it can do to a watermelon is absolutely amazing.

    Click below:

    [ame=http://youtu.be/ttFslPwNEuc]Taurus Judge 45LC/410 Home Defense - YouTube[/ame]
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  5. JonM

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    My rra ar15 with its a1 pencil barrel upper. Ultra light fast and ive been shooting a1 type ar15's for 25years. Im not a bear lover so they are pretty much shoot if its in my path and doesnt run off. But its not wildlife thats the main issue in the woods its the 2 legged ones that are the real threat.

    Yes i know 556 isnt a bear hunting round but just camping isnt hunting bears.
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  6. NativH

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    In brown bear country, S&W 629 Classic 44 Mag with Buffalo Bore 305 gr lead, long flat nose round. When in less dangerous environs, with only two legged preditors, I carry my Ed Brown 5" 1911 with Ranger 230 gr +P "Talon" rounds and the wife has my G32 357SIG with Ranger T rounds also. Both are good for what ails you.;)
  7. fmj

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    When i am out on my adventures i carry my S&W 686 .357 loaded with HV 158 gr HPs.

    After watching the Ruger .44 mag carbine simply decimate pumpkins yesterday, (the 240 gr JHP's were causing as much/more damage than the 12 guage slugs w/ MUCH better accuracy) i am wanting a hand cannon in .44 mag now more than ever for those trips. I would say a Ruger Redhawk but i just dont like that much barrel in a hand gun.

    Not sure i would go with the .45 acp, i LOVE my 1911 but it stays in the truck/camp when i am out in the woods....its great for the 2 legged varmints but is lacking in the "Dangerous game" catagory.
  8. dunerunner

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    Remington 870 Marine or Tactical, Mossberg 590A1, Arsenal Saiga 12. Good for four legged and two legged predators!
  9. sweeper22

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    I don't have an ideal woods pistol, but generally take my Ruger SP101 357mag (because it's small but has a decent bite) when I go biking way up into the mountains. For camping, I'd also consider a Sig P226 in 357sig.

    The long gun I'd take camping would probably be a Marlin 336 (30-30). Good, simple, reliable utility rifle.
  10. JTJ

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    In bear country I carry a Kimber Pepper Blaster. The park rangers dont like to see people carrying shotguns. I also carry my 357 for smaller predators. Some of the park rangers I am told are carrying the small tasers. The ones you have to touch the target to deliver the shock. It seems the arc and static noise when you light them up in the air are enough to scare the bears and most animals. I am trying to find more info on this before I trust it. When I was in Alaska many years ago, I carried a 12 gauge loaded with slugs and it would be my current choice if I did not get hassled.
  11. orangello

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    I would carry my 12 guage pump and my GP100. If i were turned away, i would go somewhere else. I'm not going to support your location if you don't support my rights.

    Bless you good sir! :D

    With the right mindset, every camping trip could be bear hunting.
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    12 gauge shot gun buck shot in the heat of battle u can be a bit off and still hit target.
  13. Muliemaster

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    I agree take a 12 guage home defense with ya they r short light an plain nasty when the time comes look a mossberg for home defense that dont break the bank
  14. trip286

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    My regular carry gun. I'm not camping in Jurassic Park, or bear country. Red wolves are being seen again in central MS, and there have been a few bears here and there, small black bears so I've been told. But both are very uncommon for now, and the few that there are, are very skittish of people. It's the 2 legged predators that worry me.
  15. JTJ

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    I would suggest you pattern your shot gun from 5, 10 and 15 yards. You might be surprised at how tight they shoot close in. 00 is fine for smaller predators but I will load slugs and try to break a shoulder if I might run into trouble with a bear. You better be able to leave no doubt the bear attacked you or you will be in jail. The rangers are really going to be mad if you wounded one and it ran off.
  16. Bizdaddy

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    12ga 00 buckshot from 20 yards all 4 shots went where I was aiming. The neck shot was a little low but close enough for gov't work. I was shooting a friends Benelli.

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  17. Bizdaddy

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    The other holes are 9mm not spread.
  18. willfully armed

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    The idea of a 410 revolver as a trail Gun is positively laughable.

    45 acp is a better choice than 410, but still inadequate.

    10mm or 357 would be the smallest I'd consider. 41 or 44 mag in a 4" would be a proper choice.
  19. 303tom

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    My Auto Mag. III in .30 carbine.