What exactly is reciprocity?

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    I was having an argument with my brother. From my understanding, if another state has reciprocity with the state that you have a concealed handgun permit in, then you are allowed to carry concealed in that state. My brother said that you would still have to apply for a permit in that other state, but you wouldn't have to take any classes or anything.
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    If you have a valid carry permit from state X and you are in state Y (which has a carry reciprocity agreement with state X) you can legally carry in state Y AS LONG AS YOU OBEY THE LAWS OF STATE Y! That means you MUST know the laws of the states you travel to!

    My Florida CCW license allows me to carry in 34 other states.

    If in doubt, check here:


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    It is really very simple- your brother does not know what receprocity is. As he just said up there ^^^- it means that the states have a reciprocal agreement to recognize the permits issued by another state- we recognize yours, because you recognize ours. No additional permits required.
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    Have to be careful though. I believe there is a state or two that will recognize a Fl license for example, but Florida has limitations on that particular state or the other way around. I remember reading about it in the past but can't remember the specifics. In general your definition is correct. Two things Florida is pretty strict on. Fire arms and medical licenses.
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    I concur with above statement. Canebrake is right on this one.