What Drives Your Decision To Carry A Gun Daily?

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  1. Trunk Monkey

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    This question came up yesterday on a different forum. I really feel like the person who asked at the other forum feels that carrying a gun every single day is a little bit ridiculous but it doesn't make the question any less valid.

    I've said this multiple times but it is an iron clad rule for me that if I'm not in bed or the shower (basically if I'm dressed) I have a gun on my person but when the question was asked I really stopped and thought about how I would explain myself if I was honestly asked.

    This is the answer I gave there:

    I never really did any soul-searching or questioning the odds. I bought a gun the day I got out of the army and I started to carry it.

    My wife (then fiance) was really freaked out by guns so before we got married I got rid of all of mine and for the first 10 years we were married the only gun that we had in our house was an NEF .22 revolver that we kept in a lock box in the garage. I don't think we even had any ammunition for it.

    In 2006 two incidents happened. First somebody put a Drano bomb on our neighbor's front porch. When it went off it rattled windows in our house across the street. The second was (I suspect) an attempted home invasion on our house.

    My wife and I sat down and had a discussion and we bought a gun a RIA 1911.

    Several months later my wife was involved in a road-rage incident that absolutely terrified her. She came home and when she got out of the car she was shaking and she told me that in the middle of it she realized that if that person had got out of the car because of her disabilities there was nothing she could have done to defend herself. She said to me "I want a gun and I want to get my permit." We took the class together we got our permits at the same time and we both started carrying.

    Shortly after that Colorado voted to legalize weed and the City of Colorado Springs began to change for the worse.

    Colorado Springs is overrun with homeless people. Between the two of us my wife and I knew four people who were murdered either by homeless people or in the middle of drug deals that went bad. When I say knew I mean people who were actually part of our lives, not random people we knew by name. We also knew 2 people who committed murder and did time for it. We also have an ex-SIL who is a suspect in several murders. The reason I mention this is because murder is not an abstract concept to me. It's something that has impacted my life multiple times and because of that it's something that informs my world view. I know too many people that it's happened to. I know too many people that have done it. I have no problem believing that it could happen to me.

    There is cartel activity in Colorado Springs because they're growing weed here and exporting it out of the state which I guess is easier than importing it across the border into America.

    Carjackings are becoming a nightly occurrence. Multiple convenience store robberies are becoming a nightly occurrence. A week ago Saturday some Maniac walked down Wasatch street in downtown Colorado Springs randomly shooting at people. I think he killed 3.

    I think a month ago another random maniac walked down a hiking trail from Cimarron Street to America the Beautiful Park and stabbed eight people apparently at randoml. I think he killed one of them. The have been three other active shooter events in Colorado Springs since 2007.

    I've been the victim of an attempted robbery right outside my home that I was able to stop because I had a gun.

    As far as we know it's never happened to us but we have a neighbor down at the end of the hall who says that she's been sitting in her living room late at night and watched somebody try to to turn her front door knob.

    I've been working nights since roughly 2003 and I see what kind of people wander around this town at night. Even before I started doing security I worked in a machine shop and I would come home at 3 in the morning and my neighborhood looked like a scene out of The Walking Dead. I'd see homeless people just wandering through the neighborhood every night.

    I do not leave my home without a gun under any circumstances. Not even to take out the trash or check the mail
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  2. Ghost1958

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    Its silly not too.

  3. Trunk Monkey

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    Seriously, there has to be more to it than just because. So what caused you to decide that you were going to carry a gun every single day
  4. Ghost1958

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    I mostly have all my life . But in 05 the loss of a loved one to a home invasion, and drive by attempt on my daughter and myself. Since then I refuse to be out of reach of a firearm.
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  5. Trunk Monkey

    Trunk Monkey Well-Known Member

    To be fair "just because" is a valid rationale.
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  6. c3shooter

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    Why do I carry? Because my ability to accurately foretell the future sucks. I would also defer to Mr.James Thurber, the author of "Fables for Our Time"- one of which is below.

    A phoebe, bugwinner for a nestful of fledglings, flew out one day to provide dinner for his family, and came upon a ladybug in frantic flight.

    [Pg 10]

    "I know you can catch anything smaller than a golf ball and slower than sound," said the ladybug, "for you are the fastest of the fly-catchers, but my house is on fire and my children will burn unless I fly away home."

    The phoebe, who had sometimes been guilty of wishing that his own house were on fire, let the ladybug fly away, and turned his attention to a beautiful butterfly.

    "Is your house on fire and will your children burn?" the phoebe asked.

    "Nothing so mundane as all that," said the butterfly. "I have no children and I have no house, for I am an angel, as anyone can see." She fluttered her wings at the world about her. "This is heaven," she said.

    "This is heaven," cried the fledglings, as one fledgling, when they had the butterfly for dessert that night.

    MORAL: She who goes unarmed in Paradise should first be sure that's where she is.
  7. primer1

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    Because it's comforting, not comfortable. My main reason is just in case the random tweaker or feral dog decides that I might be an easy target.
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  8. Donn

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    Said it ad nauseam, if I'm dressed, I'm carrying. Took the advice of my instructor when first applying for a CPL. He advised carrying should become second nature. Keys, wallet, pocket money, firearm, whenever you leave the house. I know guys who only carry "when I think I might need it" school of thought. That's their business. I guess my crystal ball's not as clear as theirs.
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  9. OLD Ron

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    I don't carry any more than I think I have to .
    I usually am not in a high risk area so the need is not there . Yes crap can happen any place as we see on the news but you can get killed & be carrying too . If your # comes up it's up . Over the years I have seen so many people carry & get a false sense of security . They go places they shouldn't go at times they shouldn't . Those people are just looking for trouble weather they know it or not . Usually they find it & it is never like they thought it would be .
    Paranoia can suck the joy out of life ....... If you let it .
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  10. NDMarksman

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    Same here !!!
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  11. alsaqr

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    Answer: A burning desire to survive in an environment that is sometimes hostile to human life.
  12. sheepdawg

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    Because I live in Memphis, Tennessee, read up on how dangerous it has gotten. People get shot at here over a dollar. Once there wasn't a part of town I was afraid to go in. My job brought me to the very worst parts of the city. I'm big enough and look crazy enough to where the hood rats would leave me alone, that was 25 years ago. One morning I was measuring a pretty nasty place that was fixing to be renovated. Three dudes cornered me and I had the feeling they weren't going to ask me to visit their church that Sunday. All I had to do was pull up my shirt to show them I was carrying and was prepared to use it. They scattered and I got my white butt away from around there.

    Been carrying everyday since.
  13. NDMarksman

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    Nailed It !!!!!!!!!!!
  14. JTJ

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    When I was 17 I barely escaped 4 gang bangers that were out to find someone to beat. Not always a gun but always had some kind of weapon. I was carrying when a guy with a knife tried to car jack me. There were a couple of other incidents that reinforced my belief that trouble will find you and that a lot of people are not nice. Not all dogs are nice either. Neighbor started carrying after 2 pit bulls got loose and he barely made it into his house.
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  15. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    Sheepdawg, you can put the name of any major city in there and it would be the same. Some like Baltimore are worse. I think some of these cop hating anti gun mayors and city councils are stoking the fire on purpose to get anti gun legislation. The citizens are canon fodder in their eyes. I would not live in a major city again.
  16. PaBushMan

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    I used to only carry for the woods. And if going into a bigger city. But now our area has an population of less desirables. Not long ago if you forget to lock the car or house. You didn't have to worry. It has changed for the worse over that past 5 or so years.
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  17. freefall

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    I carry a gun for the same reason as a fire extinguisher, tow rope and jumper cables. Rarely needed but sucks to not have em.
  18. Nmwabbit

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    you're a repo tow truck driver?
  19. Rifling82

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    Very well said.... especially coming from you ;):p:D
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