What does it mean to you?

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    What does it mean to you to be a shooter and outdoors men? Beyond the zombies and defending ones self what does it mean to you?

    For me it is about sharing a passion for a great sport. It is about being the guy on the firing line that sees another shooters struggling with something and going over and offering some advice or help. It is about having good fun with the whole family. It is about meeting new people at the range. It is about having a passion and love of something that can be passed down from generation to generation. It's about seeing the guy two benches down checking out your new AR and you saying here is 30 rounds you want to give it a go? It is about having a single mom neighbor stopping by to say hey my son wants to learn how to shoot would you be able to teach him how to shoot. It is about seeing the Eyes of a new shooter when the pull that trigger for the first time and hitting the target. It is about saving all your American Rifleman and American Hunter Mags to give to the neighbors son for him to read.

    So lets here it.
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    How can you follow that... Tango you just accomplished a first you started a thread and then killed it in the same post..

    """"lifting a cold one""" Outstanding my friend you ARE the man.



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    Well said Tango. Thumbs up.
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    For me, it gives me confidence and I feel strong when I shoot. My worries melt away when shooting, I feel empowered and in control and my ego gets a big boost. I don't feel helpless and buried under what life has dished out when I go shooting. I am exhilerated. It is a challenge to try to beat my personal best every time I shoot. I am new so I definitely learn something new every time I go. It is meeting new people and making friends who share the same passion. But mostly it makes me feel able to go back to my every day life with more confidence and courage.

    The only other thing I can compare it to is when I had a horse. I'd take her out trail riding and it was so therpeutic to feel the rhythm of the horse's steps under me, to be out in the woods on a beautiful day. I would talk to my horse and just relax and feel happy and content. Shooting gives me the same comfort and relaxation.

    Does that make any sense?
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    Thumbs up here as well.

    I will offer a few from a different perspective.

    It means knowing that if you had to survive off the land, you know you will at least have red meat.

    It means teaching the next generation to respect firearms and ethical hunting.

    It means exercising one's right to 2A.

    It means gun owners don't knock another gun owner's gun.

    It means there is the freedom of we the citizens that cannot be refuted by big gubmit despite how hard they try.
  6. AusLach

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    The chance to get away from everyone and go for a walk in nature by myself. There's nothing more relaxing than getting home from work or school and simply forgetting everything that had happened that day, grabbing the O/U and going for a walk down by the creek. I don't even need to fire a shot, just watching the water, insects, birds and frogs is plenty relaxing enough.

    Another thing I like is the control. I don't mean that I feel tough because I have a gun and can kill, I mean that I have at my fingertips a precision instrument. Every input I make gives me tangible results. I have no idea why but that gives me great satisfaction :eek:

    Great thread Tango

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    Very well stated Tango! You are indeed a much better, caring, selfless, empathetic man, than I can ever strive to possibly be myself. :eek:

    ** Kudos & much respect **
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    For me, I love to shoot, I love to clean my guns, even when they aren't dirty! I have respect for firearms, for the potential lethality of them, the precision mechanics of the them. That respect, to me, also extends to my everyday dealing in life. Showing respect for others rights and feelings. I cherish every minute that I get to spend with my son teaching him how to shoot, just like my Pop taught me, I am lucky that I even have the very same pistol to teach my son with that Pops taught ME with! I love that! I can't wait till my daughter is old enough to start with the .22!
    Being a gun owner and shooter also brings to light how fragile our rights are. Not just 2A, but all of them. Along with educating my son about firearms, I also educate him on the constitution and what being an American is all about!

    Being a gun owner also makes me feel more like a TRUE RED BLOODED AMERICAN!!! :D
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    Well said, and the bold is one of the main reasons I'm getting back into shooting/owning firearms.
  10. danf_fl

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    You pretty well summed it up. Good post!
  11. Jay

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    good post tango.... mostly I like being outside... most animals do. People are basically animals..... it fits...
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    Oh, if only that were true, huh?

    GREAT post, Tango!
  13. danf_fl

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    Kidding about someone's gun is one thing, but some poor souls may have purchased the best they could. And, proud of it they should be. Keep that in mind with the jostling.

    unless it is a Sigma.:)
  14. Gordo323

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    For me it's the smell of freshly burnt powder on a crisp morning, whether my target be a trophy elk, or the noisy flush of a rooster pheasant, or a paper target I have hung in the distance.
    The smile on my grandsons face when he first shot his .22, and then the even bigger smile when he actually hit a bullseye with it.
    The solitude of hiking into the wilderness for days with no phone service,no human contact only canine,and the security of a 10mm strapped to my side instead of pepper spray.
    The smell of Hoppes #9 and the taste of that first beer when the day is over.
  15. FirstSergeant

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    The smell of burning gun powder;
    Be it on the range, duck blinds of the Mississippi, lanes of camp perry, or hills of Afganastan,.....................

    Is the smell of freedom.
  16. TimL2952

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    For me, the opening credits to a History Channel's show "Tales of the Gun" pretty much explains it

    "The gun has played a critical role in history. An invention which has been praised and denounced...served hero and villain alike...and comes with it a moral responsibility. To understand the gun is to better understand history."

    That AND hunting/target shooting is a family tradition, and a hobby I can share with many friends
  17. DrumJunkie

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    For me most the time I'm not shooting alone so it gives me time with people that I care about. My family, the couple real friends I have and even the few times I get together with some buddies it's a real bonding. The best of times is when I spend time with my kids and my wife's young cousin. I really enjoy teaching them to shoot and the history that goes along with some of the firearms I shoot. I tend to lean to older rifles that have a more traditional look and feel. Wood over plastic, poly,,whatever you want to call it. Seeing a young person enjoy a rifle that was made in the 40's-50's is a lot more fun then whipping out a tactical squirrel drive by special. And getting kids to understand the history of say..An old SKS and how it come to be rather than the cool factor..They are pretty cool though :eek:

    Just the other day I brought out my old Remington 121 Fildmaster rather than the 10-22 I use more often. It was blast to see a 16 year old boy when he got to shoot a rifle that was older than both of us.

    Same goes for most outdoor activities I guess. The young people need to know that it's a gift to be able to do things like hunt and fish. and they just like the ones before them need to take care of our woods and waterways. So they will be there when they want to spend some quality time with the kids they bring into the world but cannot imagine having later. I grew up in cities. There wasn't many places to go to shoot, hunt, and fish that didn't look manufactured, had to drive forever, or the place was too nasty to take your wildlife home to make for dinner. Living where I do now I am always wanting to get out in it whenever I can. Usually pulling some kid along with me that probabally wishes I'd not have unplugged their game or flipped off the TV. And most the time they are glad they came.

    And tell me it's not cool to have a young daughter that can strip, clean, and reassemble a 1911 A1 dang near blindfolded! :D Nothing like seeing a would be boyfriends eyes get big when they see she can outshout them. :p Next step...Trigger job..She is already ordering a set of stones for herself. :)
  18. Shooter

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    Self reliance, the same reason I'm a prepper. I'm responsible for me and mine and that's it. Assuming anyone else will deal with it is dangerous and foolhardy.