What Do You Use A Rich Flashlight For Practically?

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    I use one-digit-dollar flashlights when I was very young and haven't used such a stuff for years. I got interested in flashlights worth dozens of dollars because friends around me often talk about them. I wonder why the stuffs are so attractive to my friends, so registered here for some answers.

    Here is a flashlight i found yesterday , and the following are my questions:

    1. What are advantages of LED material. 2. What does 7 LED mean -- is it a slip of pen? 3. From my friends, I know a flashlight's lightness is denominated by lumen, so please talk about it. 4. The product referred accordingly can be charged with DC 12V and then charge some Nokia and Samsung USB devices, but can such a small thing has this capacity?

    The final question is: why do you spend dozen or even hundreds of dollars on just a flashlight? Thanks in advance.
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    LEDs tend to last longer and consume far less power than xenon or other bulbs.

    Presumably, "7 LED" means there are 7 LEDs instead of just one. I prefer single CREE LED lights rather than the "shower head" type.

    I don't know what light you were looking at (you provided no image, name or link) so commenting on how it is recharged, its capabilities, etc. is impossible.

    In regard to lumens, generally, the higher the lumen rating the brighter the light. Having a good reflector and lens can matter, too. It depends on if you want a flood light or a spot light.

    There are a bunch of manufacturers that make very solid, bright lights. I have a Fenix on my keyring that runs off of one AAA battery and puts out 85 lumens and only cost about $30.