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    I just watched a interesting video about why there is no ammo in stores these days. The guy said that the reason was that people are buying it as fast as they can for good price then going home and selling it for double the money. What do you think?

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    Nope. If you think about it for a minute, that is no more possible than grabbing your bootlaces, and lifting yourself clear of the floor.

    As a collector, I usually drop into my LGS once a week. Sunday afternoon. Parking lot is usually 1/3 full. Last 2 months, it has been overflowing with cars. There are just a RECORD number of people buying guns, and looking for ammo.

    The water and sewer system in a major city are the proper size for ordinary usage, with a good margin for growth, unusual situations, etc. The worry of the sanitary engineers is something like the superbowl. The game ends, and 75,000 men make a beeline for the bathroom. They all take a whiz, and within seconds, they all flush. AT ONCE.

    Sewage system- instant overload. Water supply pressure- flatlines. System was just not designed for THAT many people doing the exact same thing, exact same instant.

    Same thing applies to ammo supply pipeline.

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    The vid guy is not getting it. People are paying the higher prices because they want it and others have it at whatever they choose to price it at. A LOT of people that had been putting off buying a firearm are now new owners. Many others are scared of bans. So the demand has went way up. Supply is the same or more than it was before the hoopla started. But there are so many people that where not buying ammo doing so now. There are plenty of people that see it as a way to make some money. and people are picking a really bad time to stock up. All this has created a demand that has gone beyond supply.

    Sure, if everyone stopped buying overpriced ammo then the demand would be a little less. And with that supply might ease....A little. The major factor is the large number of established shooters coupled with a boat-load of new shooters. Look at gun sales and tell me it's just a false shortage. Gun makers as well as ammo makers are busting *** to fill shelves.

    Look at people like me. I have not bought one round of ammo or reloading components since the crazy started. I bought on a pretty regular basis when I found a deal or on my regular visits to my gun haunts. I foreseen the crazy when the first go around with Dr. O happened. While so many people called me an idiot and that the country was not ready to elect a black president I was buying ammo and a few guns that I wanted to have because I did see a good chance of him winning against Obama-Lite..umm...I mean McCain.:eek: Many got caught with their proverbial pants around their ankles and I was sitting on under 1K AR's and other evil black rifles. And I had plenty of ammo to ride out the shortage. After things stopped getting crazy I went to buying ammo and components again. Look back on this forum at posts before the last election and see the plethora of posts that no one needed more than a box or two of ammo and those (like me) that where stocking more where just hoarders and wasting space. There are quite a few of those posts. And those are the same people now looking for a new belt because again their pants are bagged up around their feet. Mittens was another Obama-Lite and El Presidente got 4 more years. And now so many more where afraid of the ban we didn't get the first go around. People that had always said they would buy a gun one day rushed to the shops to get one before the ban. Franken Finestien made her intentions clear shortly after and the race was really on then! So scared sheep, profiteers, and the grasshoppers of the gun group went to shopping.
    Therewas no way for the companies to keep up. Even if they would have went on ramped up production over the last four years it would all be long gone by now and still people would be screaming where's the ammo. How many guns where purchased after the election for the 1st month? Some reports show up to four million guns sold from 11-12 through 12-13. Now I don't know about any of you but when I buy a gun I want to feed it. It's no mystery where the ammo went. And remember the feds have their orders that need filled too. And remember there where already a bunch of us gun people that needed gun chow for the stuff we already had. And we can not forget the profiteers.

    The shortage is not a myth. It's a simple and glaring truth. The guy in that video has to be delusional or just plain stupid. Sure if everyone stopped buying off the gouger peopel it would free up some ammo. But that does not mean that it would not still fly off shelves. It would just have done so cheaper.

    I said it before, I'll say it again. Eventually things will ease up. Next time people don't be a grasshopper. Winter comes for all things. And the ants warned you.