What do you think of the English

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Davyboy, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Davyboy

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    Have travelled the world and I believe we are one of the least liked races internationally. Probably with good cause looking at the former British empire. We not Hitler invented prison camps. I personally have an affinity for Americans and have met some really nice people around the world and in the USA. I would very much appreciate everyones opinion and please no holes barred. I will not be offended although i may choose to defend certain replies if I consider them unjustified. I recently posted this thread and feel it is only fair you have the right to reciprocate.

  2. Dillinger

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    I happen to like you guys. Whenever we decide it's time to take an ***-whooping to someone, you folks are there right along with us. If the rest of the world wants to hate on either of our countries because of our allegiance, there isn't much we can do about it.

    Nor am I going to lose any sleep over it. :cool:

  3. orangello

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    Your TV peeps made some really funny shows over the years. Other than that, i have little experience with people from England. There was a lady who worked for my employer while attending college; she was well-liked by everyone here, as far as i know.

    I wish the "English peas" would have stayed away, though. ;)
  4. Davyboy

    Davyboy New Member

    Thanks JD that means a lot
  5. Squirrel_Slayer

    Squirrel_Slayer New Member

    If I say that I like the English can I get some shepards pie sent to me? Just kidding. I dated an English gal a long time ago, my step mom is English...I like you folks alot. I don't quite understand the obsession with soccer though.
  6. JR36

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    I've been to England, I've fought beside the English, I've drank with English, and I've loved em all. I don't know anyone in the states who has a problem with the English. A large percentage of my family tree is from SW England (Dorset, Devon and Somerset)

    Hell I stay in hostels as much as I can while I travel in the states just for the fact that I'm far more likely to run into people from W Europe and be among my demographic (young, in town for a few days and looking to drink). At the end of most nights I'm staggering back with Brits.

    Anyone who blames you for the Empire or concentration camps in the Boer War needs to look at their own countries history and the many fallacies associated with applying 21st century norms/values/standards to previous eras.

    That being said, I do worry about your country and the state it seems to be getting itself into. I read a report the other day about people burning red poppies on Remembrance Day and it boiled my blood more than I was expecting. The Brits I fought along side were some of the nicest most professional people I've met. Plus you kids have taken swearing to the level of fine art. I just hope if the bugle really blows, that there's plenty of those boys on the Island.

    You've got one of the proudest military traditions. Though its very sad that a lot of the old units faced amalgamation. Hell, I don't want to imagine the world without Brits.

    I even traded my Kabar to a Gurkha for his kurki after watching him take the head off a goat with one swing.
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  7. robocop10mm

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    The mother of a high school friend was English. The accent was charming. Monty Python is probably my favorite comedy troop of all time (right behind the 3 stooges). I have been to England/Scotland twice and never met a rude person there. Beautiful Country, rich history, nice people (to me) and much better looking women than I expected.
  8. Pengie

    Pengie Yep, it was as good as you could imagine Supporter

    Pengie has not yet met an English. Pengie would like to meet an English and judge for myself.
  9. AusLach

    AusLach Active Member

    Well I for one can vouch for your 'most hated' status!! :p

    Aussies have a love/hate relationship with the motherland, especially when you beat us at Rugby or in the Ashes (which you most certainly will this year, I might add :mad:). There's a great rivalry between our two countries but it seems also a great camaraderie; something that is hard to explain... We take comfort that in times of need the Poms will always have our back, and take pride in the fact that they know we will have theirs.

    Even if we leave the Monarchy, we will always have close ties to the English, and we shall proudly remain your little brother from across the pond.
  10. Davyboy

    Davyboy New Member

    Pengie would be treated like royalty in Britain
  11. amoroque

    amoroque New Member

    I dont and I havent heard of anybody here having any beef with the Brits.
  12. Davyboy

    Davyboy New Member

    Spent 6 months in aus loved it
  13. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    What do I think of the English? The one that sleeps on the other side of the bed has cold feet, and steals the covers.

    West Country lass. Born in Plymouth during WW II, Army brat, grew up in Calstock on the border between Devon and Cornwall.

    Shoud have thought about that before. Damned Cornish pirates! THAT'S why she steals the covers!
  14. zhuk

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    Love-hate it may be but its that 'taking the piss out of each other' that both our countries seem to do by sheer reflex. It's good natured abuse which only reveals an underlying deep affection...plus we did swipe your system of Govt, judges with funny wigs, CORRECT method of spelling, ability to understand the mysteries of cricket etc :D

    In my parents day every Australian with a passport had a British one, and England was fondly known as "home". Like Aus says, even if we became a Republic, nothing could diminish the basic affection.

    Plus we can always collectively pay out on the Kiwis, can't we? :p
  15. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    Met plenty of Transplants. All were no different except for an accent. I dated a SMOKIN hot English chick for a while. That accent can cover up just about any short comings.

    I agree with JD. There is no back down in your brits thats cool.
  16. Shihan

    Shihan Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    I dig the Muffins.:D

    c3 intrigues me.:cool:
  17. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    I can't believe that you put up with all that pounding by the Germans in WWII then elect a Parliment that has been doing the same thing to you for the past 50 years! You Britts have plenty of grit!!
  18. colmustard

    colmustard New Member

    I have nothing against the brits, I acttully have alot of respect for you all and all that your pepole have contributed to the world as far as invention and other things. The one problem I have is that you all are letting your country be over run by those who hate you and wish to destory you, OH wait thats here in the U.S. also!:eek:
  19. mrm14

    mrm14 Active Member

    I've been drinking with Brits, and let me tell you, you dont want to get into a drinking jag or conetst with these guys or gals. They put their pints and quarts away in bristol fashion without blinking an eye. My lineage is half Scotts and half German and I would think I could keep up with these British guys when is comes to drinking hard spirits but they have always kicked my arse every time I've tried.
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  20. freefall

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    The Lovely Mrs lived in England for 3 years before I met her. Accent was delightful. She says English cuisine leaves a lot to be desired.