What do you guys think of the Beretta 92?

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Tidalforce79, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Tidalforce79

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    I was at the local sporting goods store not too long ago, looking for a Desert Eagle holster(yes, I had an ill conceived notion to carry the DE), and I handled a Beretta 92. I wanted to get the model chambered in .40 smith(which I think is a different model, but the one they had is similar to the 92). I'm still somewhat unsure about the 9mm as a defensive weapon, so I got my heart set on the .40. The gun felt good in my hands, and I actually shot a 92 a long time ago, but I don't remember how it shoots etc. Opinions?
  2. mesinge2

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    I have fired the BHP, the Glock 17 and personally I really like my M9A1. It is, now, the most accurate 9mm I have ever shot. The funny thing was that it required a looong break-in.

    It never jammed, but the accuracy didn't dial-in until around the 350th round down the barrel. I don't know if it was just parts wearing on themselves until they polished themselves out or what? But now it seems crazy accurate. This target is one full mag at 35 yards, slow firing with a two handed hold:

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  3. JonM

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    never liked em. carried em in the army and crap was always getting stuck tween the slide and barrel. found them to be less reliable and less accurate than the ww2 era 1911's we lost to get those. anyway thats just my two primers worth.
  4. hunter Joe

    hunter Joe New Member

    The 96 Brigadier is the 40 cal model and I truly believe that both models are fine firearms and would be a bonus to anyones collection. I have a soft spot for metal frame firearms.
  5. ScottA

    ScottA FAA licensed bugsmasher Lifetime Supporter

    I don't care for them. Not comfortable in my hands at all. But YMMV.
  6. hemiram

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    I've wanted one since I first shot one, back in late '76 or so. One of the guys that shot at the same range I did brought one back from Italy. I somehow managed to keep missing out on a bunch of great deals on one, until last year, when I hit on a barely shot one on Gunbroker, with a bunch of mags, for $405.
    It's gota couple of tiny nicks on it, and basically, it looks new.
  7. Missileman

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    I have a 92 now and carried one in the service--I like them. They are somewhat large, but I've never had a malfunction with mine and it shoots where it points. I've never shot the 96 version, but other than recoil I imagine it is similar. Every pistol collection needs a 92 in my opinion, if only so you can shoot in national matches if so desired...
  8. indyfan

    indyfan New Member

    The only downside is the weight of the weapon, that is if you plan to carry it alot. I owned a M92FS for a year, nearly 700 rounds through it without any malfunctions. The most accurate 9 I've ever fired. Loved the ergonomics on it, nice and round grips.

    Just recently traded her in for a Glock 19 because a full-size handgun didn't fit my current handgun needs.

    Beautiful looking gun. That Beretta.
  9. FCross7

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    I've never fired one, but I have held it, and I prefer the CZ 75 line of pistols. My SP-01 has some excellent ergonomics, is extremely accurate and has been 100% reliable for the 600 or so rounds I've fired through it. It fits in the same category (full-sized metal frame), and is around the same price, but in my opinion, is a better fit for me.

    Before you buy anything you should go to a shop that has a lot of pistols, hold some and see what feels best to you. That should be the biggest determining factor.

  10. hideit

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    its very relible - it was tested to hell and back before it got the military contract
    if you like the style then ok but it is BIG
    a lot of people forget that the military tests gave the nod to the sig 226 but with the rest of the contract obligations like parts replacement costs - sig lost the bid
  11. bravozero

    bravozero New Member

    I'm actually debating on getting a 92 as well. I want a range gun that is accurate and fun to shoot, reliable, etc. I've been looking at the 92A1 or maybe getting a full size HK USP in 9mm. Still haven't decided yet. I've shot both and like them both about equally. As far as the size of the 92, yea it's big especially for me, being only 5 foot 7, but I'm not going to carry it, that's what my USP40 compact is for. But it's nice and the weight helps with the recoil.
  12. luckyg

    luckyg New Member

    Well, it's really big and bulky for a 9mm.
    And I don't particularly care for the safety on the slide.
    And I don't like the fact that you must deactivate the safety after decocking.

    But they are rather accurate.
  13. WoodysKJ

    WoodysKJ New Member

    It is big for a carry gun. I have one and love the accuracy. Not a huge fan of the 9mm prefer the .40, caliber i carry in a colt defender.

    I photographed Beretta's Armor manual. very easy to take down and work on. From what I hear, LAPD for the most part likes theirs. They shoot the DAO version.

    Most PD's passed it by in a cloud of dust as they went to the Glock 19 & 17. and others went for the .40 s&w G23 & G22 over the weaker 9mm.
  14. WoodysKJ

    WoodysKJ New Member

    One thing I forgot to add. I purchased my 92FS for my father to keep as a bedside table gun. he loved the feel. fit in his hand and angle of the frame reminded him of his 1911. (VERY similar angle. done that way on purpose) I took a 1911 main spring and switched them out for a lighter DAO pull for his arthritis and it digested EVERYTHING we put through it. mag had 15 rounds of 115 gr Hydroshocks. Put a CT grip laser on it for him also, along with the factory installed Tritiums.

    Wife has it in her mattress rig by crossbreed now. pity the fool who busts our door down in the middle of the night.
  15. Morgo

    Morgo Member

    Not a bad handgun, better ones out there though.

    I have several and they have all been reliable and accurate enough.

    Heres an Inox Vertec and 92fs.

  16. Quentin

    Quentin New Member

    The 92 is a decent pistol but I'm not a fan. Bulky for 9mm but you're looking at 40S&W which is a better fit to that frame. A friend has the 9mm (and loves it) and another has a Ruger P89. Both of those guns seem large and awkward to me but then I'm used to the 1911 and Hi-Power.

    I would try out more pistols before buying because there are so many fine choices. If you still like the fit and function of the 92 then of course get it.