What do you guys think of retrofitting a upgraded bolt

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by bluez, May 18, 2013.

  1. bluez

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    What do you guys think of retrofitting a upgraded bolt in a non emergency situation.

    What do you think of retrofitting it on a very low round round (under 500 rds) gun?

    Can there be issues because it was not worn in with this bolt when itsa low round count gun?

    How about headspacing?
    Is that realistically a problem these days with our modular guns?
    Here is the link to JP Enterprises impressive hard core bolt:

    http://www.brownells.com/rifle-part...1=J P ENTERPRISES&avad=avant&ch=aff&aid=35987

    Now I already have 3 spare bolts supporting my AR's.

    But i like the idea of just having a super strong bolt in a rifle so I dont have to schlepp a spare in the grip.

    Also I wonder if the 7.62 version that they also have will fit into my 50 BeoWulf BCG which is supposed to be a 7.62 based BCG...

    I have a feeling the bolt in a 50 Beowulf gun could probably do with some upgrading due to the forces involved.

    thoughts much appreciated. :)
  2. Quentin

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    First, I'd want more proof than just JP's hype. I haven't seen convincing evidence that 9310 steel is superior to Carpenter 158 in AR bolts. Do you have any links supporting JP's claims?

    Otherwise it's generally ok to swap bolts in a low round count AR.

  3. AgentTikki

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    General interwebs consensus is C158 > 9310 > 8620 but you know how reliable that kind of info can be. Honestly, I don't have enough knowledge about different steels to give you a better response. JP does have a sterling reputation tho, which counts for something, on top of that all their products are high quality competition stuff.
  4. bluez

    bluez Well-Known Member

    Thanks fellas.
    Good info as usual!! :)