What do you feel is good about the USA?

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    Hi all.

    I have read some of the posts in here and I see that alot of people have issues towards the current state of the USA. They have good reason to feel bitter towards this country, and are certainly welcome to post about it.

    I would like to know what do you feel is good about this country of ours.

    I'll start off.

    I feel one of the strongest things this country has going is all the Police Officers, Firemen, Paramedics, Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, Coast Guardsman, and Airmen that are willing to put everything on the line for the sake of helping strangers without asking for additional compensation or favor.

    My hats off to all people who help others in the time of need.
  2. supergus

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    Well, for one thing I don't like n ationalizing our financial system like we're doing with AIG, Freddie and Fannie. Now the government is running things there too. I believe Ron Paul brought up the point that that was an illegal move made by the feds and treasury dept. I believe only Congress can make decisions like that, but no, the TD will just print more money off to pay for these "buy outs" and make the dollar worth even less.

  3. gorknoids

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    We always have been, and always will be the leader of the Free World. We don't simply want the huddled masses given to us. Hell, we'll come and pick them up, give them a house and a new life. That, and we're not France.

    "Hey Europe! Suck our Florida!" :D
  4. h2oking

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    I think folks get confused when asked about they like or dislike about our country. From where I sit I love my country it is the government that I don't trust nor like. I was listening to McCain the other morning on CNBC and he was patting himself on the back about how he has reached across the isle bla bla bla and fought for this bla bla bla. Then a few minutes later Biden (what a turd) came on and liked to beat himself to death patting himself with the same bla bla bla. I have never heard anyone of of those bastards ever tell the truth and say I am in it for myself and that is why things are so f---- up. On the contrary and no one from the media ever challenges them by asking the question "if all of you bastards are doing the great job you claim you have been doing for the past several years why is everything so f----up, causing Congress to have the lowest approval rating in the history of our nation?" We right now today are like a ship at sea with no ruder or captain and our only hope in my view is that McCain wins the election and then chokes on a chicken bone at the inaugural ball.

    And for the record I am not one of those people who just sits around, complains and does nothing. I spent over a quarter of million dollars of my money paying for people to go door to door getting enough signatures to call for a grand jury investigation of the corruption in our city government that resulted in the indictment of the assistant DA. The elected DA, the elected Sheriff and one judge missed getting indicted by one vote. I am the first and only private person to do this in the history of our state.
  5. bkt

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    The best thing about this country is the people who understand what made this country great -- self-reliance, hard work, invention, innovation and free markets. Also, the people who selflessly serve others, whether in law enforcement, the military, or what have you. The people who have read, understand and appreciate the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights and other founding documents. The people who want to see a return of government that is full of people like them -- folks who will actually live up to the oaths they take by enforcing the laws they must enforce and not write new laws that contradict the constitution.
  6. Mark F

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    The CONSTITUTION of the Unites States of America.
  7. RL357Mag

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    +10 - good points. And hopefully this will survive the continued corruption of our Constitution and 3 branches of Government.
  8. user4

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    I like that we invented pretty much everything that is cool. Cars. Electricity. The Internet. Movies. and a host of other neat stuff.
  9. Angeleyes

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    I love it here in New Mexico! It's the most beautiful state we ever stole!
    And the people we stole it from are still here and incredibly bear us no grudge!
    They are far better than I am OR WILL BE!
  10. cbw

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    Having the right to say, do , go , and write about anything you want to and not being burned at the stake or hung for it. The fact that when things are FUBAR Americans find a way to stick together and make it work, dig our way out, or make a big enough explosion to everybody back the f--- off!
  11. phrogmech

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    This is the United States of America, this is were I live and where I raise my family, I am proud to be a AMERICAN, we are the best nation on this earth at our worst times, we are having some problems, but this is still my country and I Love it.
  12. azalps

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    We all live in a state that once belonged to the American Indian. Our government started then to support them instead of making them a part of the american society, just like now we are trying to support a group of people that we need to let support themselves. It is a great country,the greatest on earth if we don't let so******m rule.
  13. mpoirier22114

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    I agree 100%:cool:
  14. dango

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    DITTO-Don't forget chicken wings and wine comes in boxes.

    I LOVE THIS COUNTRY !!!!!!!!!!!
  15. hillbilly68

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    I love my country so much I have dedicated my entire adult life to her service

    I love her because:

    I dont worry about getting hit with an IED on my way to the store

    I can take my great grandfather's shotgun, put it in my truck, drive to a hunting area without fear of being stopped and searched "just because" and harvest wild game that my family will consume. Oh by the way, I dont have to harvest anything because there is a clean, safe supply of ample food that I dont have to wait three hours in line to buy.

    The attainable dream of my son having it better than I ever did; I am better off than my father and he was better off than his. THAT is the American dream for me.

    The fact that I bite the inside of my lip every time I hear the National Anthem so the allergies dont kick in

    Having the scrungiest, most liberal looking person you could imagine come up to me in an airport when I am in uniform and say "thank you"

    Having an old man in a VFW hat do the same thing and returning the thanks to him
  16. Angeleyes

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    Prepare...Prepare... Prepare!
    Cause By-God we're going to have to "Take it Back".
    Mark my words as my Dad used to say!
  17. wrench

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    what i like about the USA

    Jehova GOD, gave Moses the Ten Commandments, and Jesus said to Love God with all our heart and Love our neighbors as ourselves. Our freedoms come from this. With out our laws, we have no freedoms from the government, or each other. Most of our Founding Fathers are Christian alive in Christ, according to the Bible and primary sources of information about George Washington, and others. I guess i love freedom we have at this point. The Bill of Rights, and what American values stood for at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

    These rights named in the Bill of Rights are given by Jehova God in Heaven the Father of Jesus Christ the way the truth and the life through whom there is no other way to the Father in Heaven. He gives love and life. American values originally intended.

    SGT-MILLER this is an EXCELLENT THREAD! Thank YOU very much for starting it.
    sincerely wrench

    <striving to enter at the narrow gate>
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  18. dango

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    Wrench.I think I've met you.black suit and tie,white shirt and brief case?

    Just kidding:D I do love this country!!!!!!!!