What do you consider essential to bolt rifle ownership?

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by gvcandyman, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. gvcandyman

    gvcandyman New Member

    I am new to owning guns and am wondering what you consider to be essential equipment/accessories. Things I'm thinking about are gun lock, sling, snap caps, bipod, cleaning kit, vise, range bags. Anything else you think are necessities?
  2. dunerunner

    dunerunner New Member

    Gun Safe, Cleaning equipment, Optics and Ammo.

  3. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    A good set of hollow ground screwdrivers, so that you do not bugger up a screw head (mine are Chapman's)

    Got a scope? Lens cloth/tissue. Without it, just clean the lens with 80 grit sandpaper- has same effect, just sooner.

    Cleaning rod guide.

    Good lubricant. Even bolt guns need a drop now and again.

    Under cleaning equipment, don't forget a good chamber brush.

    For a center fire. sooner or later, you will want the ultimate enhancement to accuracy- reloading equiment.
  4. gvcandyman

    gvcandyman New Member

    Great thanks for all the input everyone. I really appreciate it.
  5. amoroque

    amoroque New Member

    +1 on this.......many overlook the rod guide. I would say a good scope, a good cleaning kit and a rod guide are the most important 3 IMO.
  6. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    It really depends on what you want to do with it.

    If you want a varmint rifle that is only going to see time on a bench then I am going to have different requirments for that rifle over my deer rifle.

    My deer rifle is a beat up old gun with a cheap *** scope on it that If I drop it I cold care less if it broke or didn't. It is tough ugly and it shoot 1" at 100 yards which is plenty good for deer at less than 200 yards.

    For the basics I would say
    1. Safe place to store it. Weather it is a safe or gun locker.
    2. cleaning supplies solvent, patches, good 1 piece rod rod guide and lube at a min.
    3. A good soft case
    4. a better hard case
    5. ammo
    6. sling
    7. bipod or shooting sticks
    8. Nikon Lens pen
    9. Silicone cloth
  7. jpattersonnh

    jpattersonnh Active Member

    I never have thought of the "extras" that go with a rifle.
    I don't use a rod. I have an Otis system that uses coated cables.
    I changed to cotton flannel patches years ago also, they do a better job than synthetics. A good set of bronze chamber and bore brushes, strait cleaning brushes, BLO for wood stocks, lens cleaner, gun vise, driver set.....
    I guess if all I owned was one rifle I would not have all the things that make life easier. Only 2 of my 8 hunting rifles sport bi-pods. 6 wear glass, only one is a synthetic stock.

    Absolute essentials:
    VG cleaning system w/ brushes
    wood treatment for wood stocks
    driver set
    knowledge of your rifle
    sighting system
    safe storage
  8. jbshoots

    jbshoots New Member

    i think the basics are pretty much covered, but here's a few more i would add:

    allen wrench set-a lot of guns have action screws that need them.

    star screwdriver set-my leupold scope mounts take these kind and i'm sure others do too

    lock-tight thread sealant for mounting scopes

    and last but not least, ear and eye protection.
  9. kansas45

    kansas45 Member

    All of the things above plus a good reloading system so you can get the most out of your rifle. A good friend to teach you things you might not know about shooting & a place to use your firearm.
  10. MoAmmoPlease

    MoAmmoPlease New Member

    I learned along time ago that the most important item to have in you kit is a nice set of drivers and allens ect.. NOTHING worse than using the wrong size screw driver for any job..:(
  11. superc

    superc Member

    All of the above, but I would learn to use that sling. A good shot knows the sling has more than one function. :)
  12. opaww

    opaww New Member

    I would add...the love of that rifle. I am marrying mine as soon as we can sit a date for the wedding.