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  1. 1911beast

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    i need accesories for my glock for competition shooting what do i need?
  2. g17frantz

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    This is what my setup is: Glock 17
    Kkm precision barrel, ghost Inc 3.5lb trigger connector, extended mag release, extended slide release, magwell, pachmayar tactical grip sleeve.
    I use mine as ccw and start competing next month at local matches. If you're strictly competing I would use all of the above but with the trigger connector you get the 3.5 lb rocket connector kit that ghost inc makes. It will come with springs as well as connector. The trigger connector made a huge difference w/speed and accuracy for me.

  3. danf_fl

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    A good belt, a good holster, a dozen magazines (at least), mag carriers, good shoes, shooting glasses that are comfortable, good hearing protection.

    Then understand that the competition is you against yourself and how you did in the past.

    Good luck
  4. g17frantz

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    Yea forgot about the holster and mags. I'm using a glock owb combat holster. It works quite nicely
  5. ArizonaLawman

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    Ahhhhhhhh....this is the fun question.

    What do you want to accomplish with competition?

    If you want to do what I do now (I gave up the high speed low drag $5,000 custom Caspian and STI guns with optics and more crap hung on them than a pickup truck with every bit of stick-on chrome from pep Boys) and "shoot what you carry"....all you NEED is the gun, good holster, mag pouches and LOTSA ammo to practice with.

    If you want to slick up a little, my recipe for a Glock IDPA and USPSA gun is simple:

    1. Ghost Rocket 3.5 connector. Properly fitted (no this is NOT a drop-in connector as the Glock .35 is) this will give you a 2.75-3.0lb trigger pull with a super fast reset for follow-up shots. I will NOT use a Ghost Rocket equipped pistol as a carry gun! With that in mind...if you own one pistol that will be your match/carry gun...go with a stock trigger or a Glock 3.5 (The Glock trigger will give you protection against the claim that you "modified" your trigger to be a so-called hair trigger thus creating a "deadlier" gun blah blah blah as some scumbag lawyer may claim as he sues you post-shooting).

    2. Shoot the stock barrel if you don't reload. I have used Lone Wolf, Bar Sto, and KKM, and in all honesty...accuracy was the same. The LW, KKM, BS barrels MAY give you more mechanical accuracy, but not won't make YOU shoot more accurately. That will come only with practice and good solid technique. However, if you reload...use the after market pipes. I use 180 gr moly coated bullets loaded to about 850. The rifling on the after market tubes engage the rifling better on them than the factory poly rifling does.

    3. I put Aro Tek ghost ring sights on ALL my Glocks once the plastic factory sight has rounded off from repeated (thousands) of presentations from the holster. They are super easy to install yourself at the range...they come with a little bitty allen wrench for the rear sight mounting plate, and the front sight screws in easily. They even come with lok-tite. Shooting the factory sights does two things for me...it forces me to concentrate on the front sight...if I ever have to fight with someone else's Glock, I won't be struggling for a sight picture, it will be as familiar as my Aro Teks.

    I HATE the mag well. I never install them. I HATE added bulk to what is basically a "tweaked" twin of my carry gun. Often, I shoot my carry gun instead of my match gun, because at heart, I am still a "shoot what you carry" guy.

    The main thing is, if you are shooting to gain competence in gun handling, and learning to "run the gun, instead of the gun running you"...shoot your gun how you would carry it.

    People can argue about competition not being reality...they're right...it isn't. BUT...it does give you one helluvanedge in gun handling, malf clearance, and technique. IDPA is "best" at so-called tactical gunning, and USPSA steel shooting is great for runnin' and gunnin' shooting and reloading on the move.

    As to holster selection...I use a pancake style concealment rig and a pair of dual mag pouches. I wear them where I do for CCW. It builds muscle memory, and I always reach to the same place for my gun.

    By all means...clang and bang, and have fun!
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  6. utf59

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    More details, please.

    What kind(s) of competition are you planning to shoot?

    Is this going to be your only competition gun?

    What do you want to get out of competition?

    What kind of budget are you working with?

    Which Glock are you working on?

    Do you reload?
  7. Rarity

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    The ability to shoot good. Proficiency, and competence. Then, lose some LBS off off of that heavy trigger pull.
  8. PerpetualStudent

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    Excellent post!