What do I look for in a rifle?

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    I do not hunt as a sport. I am looking for a rifle for survival. Hunt if needed and use for protection when society has issues. What different types of rifles are there? What would you recommend and why? Not looking for any that costs over $600-$700 tops.
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    First, welcome to the forum- when you get a minute, stop by the intro thread and say howdy.

    Next- to your question. HOOOO- Boy! Is that an open ended question or what? Sort of like "I want to buy a car- what should i get?"

    First- what experience do you have with firearms? We have folks that come here that run the spectrum from "never shot a gun" to "I build precision rifles from scratch" to "retired member, military rifle team".

    Check the net for contacts with your STATE rifle association, and talk with them to see if there is a range in your area that you can visit. Depending on where you are located, you may even hook up with another member of this forum.

    Rifles can be divided up by caliber, or by type of action. What you would need for (legal) hunting will vary by state. For instance, Virginia does not permit .223 or 22-250 for deer, Pennsylvania does not permit auto loading rifles for big game, etc.

    One that I WOULD suggest you consider would be a .22 automatic. While the ammo is really too light for big game hunting, and would NOT be my first choice for defense, they are inexpensive, ammo is cheap, and a great LEARNING tool. Shop and you can find a good .22 for $200 or less. Used can be very good.

    You can then consider rifles such as the SKS, or a good lever action Marlin 30-30, and still be within your $600 budget. The lever action would not be my choice for holding off the 4th Godless Horde of the North Korean Army, but 6 rounds of 30-30 is an attention getter. Standard capacity of an SKS is 10 rounds.

    But before we can offer much real advice, you need to do some setting of parameters. Station Wagon, Convertible, or Hybrid?

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    BTW, if you are in Michigan, here is the State Rifle and Pistol Association-


    Within this forum, we also have a section for each of the states. Find Michigan, go poke your head in there, say hello- may be some neighbors of yours there.
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    [insert what c3 said here]
    Welcome to the forum BTW enjoy yourself here!
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    BTW, as well as great training tools, 22LRs are also handy

    because ammo is cheap, they take small game well, and

    don't make as much noise as larger calibers.;)

    And welcome to the FTF...
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    Your best bet for all the aforementioned uses would be a shotgun. Not crazy expensive, easy to maintain and perfect for all sorts of situations like hunting and SHTF scenarios. Plus ammo would be/is aplenty.