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    Putting together a Tristar Viper G2 with an EOTech optic for deer hunting purposes. Where I live, we are allowed to hunt with dogs. It is not uncommon to have a buck running BTW at about 30 to 50 yards by me. Question is, what choke is best for buck shot? Also, what brand/type buck shot would you recommend as well?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Winchester has a little online tool to assist with answering the patterning question. Allows you to choose gauge, choke size, pellet size, distance ... and then compare the various pellet spreads. (According to their 3500+ test firings, to develop the software.)

    Winchester PatternBoard
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    000 or 00 use modified choke.

    0, #1 or #4 use full choke.

    If your Tristar came with 5 tubes, you likely have an improved modified, try that with 0 or #1.

    Last deer I took with a shotgun was on the run from a pack of beagles. A load of 00 buck through a modified tube at 40 yards dropped her on the spot. I heard her coming breaking brush and rustling leaves and got my gun up and picked a lane through the trees and waited. When the bead was on brown I pulled the trigger. I could still her kicking the leaves, but soon I realized she was down and kicking, not running off.

    Deer hunting with dogs is a dying tradition, but I maintain a membership in a club in Louisiana so I can hunt rutting bucks with hounds.
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    Back when I hunted with a shotgun I used rifled slugs in a smooth bore shotgun one time. Then I bought a rifled slug barrel & shot Remington's Premier Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded Sabot Slug that they don't make anymore. I could accurately hit targets at 200 yds with a slug. There was no need for a high power rifle. Deer hunting got easy after that.
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    I killed a lot of deer with a shotgun when I was younger, for the longest time I used 3 inch 00 buck from Remington/Winchester/Federal. After a while I switched to 3.5 inch magnums with 3 more pellets, shots were always inside of 20 yards and very messy. I found I got the best patterns shooting a modified choke.