what can i rechamber my 270 wsm rifle to another caliber? t

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Armed-Citizen, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Armed-Citizen

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    thinking about rechambering my 270wsm due to excessive pricing on ammo ($40 a box of 20rds!)
    thinking of buying a 270win rifle, though thought about what can i chamber my 270wsm to another caliber? thanks in advance
  2. cottontop

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    I don't think you can rechamber it to any current factory loaded cartridge. The only .270 rounds I can think of is the .270 Win, the .270 Weatherby Mag, and the .270 WSM. You might be able to rechamber it to the Weatherby, but your ammo cost would be the same or more. You could get into reloading. If you had the gun rechambered to a wildcat, then you would have to reload anyway.

  3. gunnut07

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    Depends on what and how you do it.

    You could rebarrel the action then it could be any cartridge with the same case head diameter. If you want to change the case head you would either have to change the bolt head or the whole bolt.

    If you want to rechamber the current barrel don't think much is out there. About the only think I can think of is the 7.21 Tomahawk or the 7.21Firebird by Lazzeroni. The bad thing is 20 rd = $109 so its even higher than what you are shooting now.
  4. Txhillbilly

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    The bad thing about most WSM/WSSM actions is they are shorter actions than most other cartridges.
    You could rebarrel it in most short action calibers,but you would also need to change out the bolt head,and magazine/follower.In most cases,you would end up with a single shot/bolt action rifle,depending on the caliber.
    For the money you would spend doing that,you could just go ahead and buy a new rifle in a caliber that the ammo isn't as expensive.
    Or you could invest in some reloading equipment,and load your ammo much cheaper than what your paying for it now.
  5. Axxe55

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    i think you are dealing with the same problem that many people have when they own the short mag calibers, higher ammo costs. best way to deal with it is to start reloading or trade it for a more popular caliber.

    but, unless i am reading this wrong, by wanting to change the caliber or chambering, you must like the rifle then? if so, i would definately look into reloading. the 270 WSM is an excellent cartridge and to get even more out it, start reloading for it. it's not that difficult and really not as expensive as many would think. i reload for all my rifles and very much enjoy the time i spend reloading. also reloading is a good addition to shooting and something you can do when the weather is too bad for shooting or hunting!
  6. 303tom

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    All you can do is change the barrel to another short mag.................
  7. hardluk1

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    What brand of rifle is it. With a savage brand you can also change just the bolt face and rebarrel to any cartidge short enough to work BUT you will also have change mags . Might be cheaper to sell it and get something more affordable or get into some very basic reloading that you could also use with the 270 win??
  8. Badshot320

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    I would take the money it would cost to replace or rebarrel and invest it in reloading equipment.