What bullet weight would assumably be best

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  1. dteed4094

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    I have a Model 12 Savage 22/250 with a 26 inch, bull barrel 1 in 12 twist. I would like to know what bullet weight would be most accurate at 100, 200 and 300 yds.? Would a heavier weight give me more accuracy at even longer ranges ? Right now I have 10 boxes of 55 gr PSP in three different mnfgs. I was somewhat disappointed the first and only time I shot the rifle as the best group I could get was about 1 moa. I know that gun should be capable of shooting better. There was a slight breeze, 5 mph at my back that I didn't think should effect it that much.

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  2. Wambli

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    1 in 12 is a very slow twist better suited for varmint hollow point bullets in the 40-45 gr weight. For 55 or so a 1 in 9 would be better. For high 60's gr class a 1 in 8 and for high 70's or 80 gr long range bullets a 1 in 7" is optimal.

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    dteed, is the Savage a new firearm? Normally new firearms need a break-in period before you can really determine the true MOA.

    1 MOA is not all that bad if you are shooting factory ammunitions and you might want to try a 40-45 grain projectile with the 1 in12 twist. If your not happy with the results from the 40-45 grain bullets, save all the brass from those ten boxes of cartridges and start hand-loading. This way you can match the bullet weight with velocity to gain maximum gyroscopic bullet stabilization for that barrel.

    More fun, tighter groups.
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    Theoretically, 40..50 gr. With that said your rifle may like heavier bullets. I have a 1:9 .223, 50..65gr do extremely well, I also have a 1:9.5 that eats 45..65gr., 50 to 63gr are like lasers. Each rifle is different.
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    Your rifle will shoot up to 63gr bullets. Maybe 65gr because of speed.

    52gr is the sweet spot for the 12 twist. My remington loves 50gr Hornady V-max bullets. If you use Berger bullets you bay get a little heavier but you need to check the specs.
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    It should shoot the 55 gr bullets very well. What's a LOT more important is finding the exact load YOUR rifle likes. Do you reload? Have you accurized your rifle yet? Accurizing your rifle & working up a load should help a LOT! Sometimes you can luck out and find a shooter straight from box that don't need tuning but damn seldom does that happen in real life.
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    The gun is not new but looks it, no way of telling how much it was shot but from the looks of it, enough to break it in.
    I don't hand load yet but I will ask for tips on getting started later. I've spent too much lately on fire arms, if I spend any more right now I may have to pay for a divorce, Ha Ha.
    How do you accurize A model 12 ? It has the accutrigger,is piller beded and has a floating bolt head. I'm not sure if you can glass bed the stock.
    Probably hand loading is the place to start. I have at least 200 rounds for each center fire rifle I have and about 3000 22s so I have a lot of shooting to do to get chamber sized brass. Darn!!! The range is closed when the wife goes to bed!
    Thanks for the tips, I spend a lot of time in the forum and truly enjoy it. I just wish there were more members so I don't have to keep reading the same thing over and over. Maybe someday I'll know enough to give this advice.