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    Yes, here we go another self serving gun nut trying to make a gizmo's! I want to make something everyday guys can put on our rifles and help improve its accuracy.

    What have you tried and what results did you get? How was it attached? Heavy - light - ?????????

    Help me out here! I got a friend who owns a machine shop and I just retired. If I don't figure out a good project to do - there won't be any squirrels within walking distance.

    What works - what doesn't - I am cheap and no way will I spend $300-2000.00 on some custom barrel job.

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    Barrel Adapters

    There is a company making a gizmo that slides on a barrel with the idea that you vary the possition which varies the harmonics of the barrel and when you hit the "sweet spot" it will improve accuracy. I read a test of it on Mike Bellm's (TC Expert) web and it did not seem to perform.

    What works?
    1. Re-crowning a bad crown. Not a bolt on item.
    2. Proper bedding (Glass and or Pillar) and torquing of the guard screws
    properly. Not a bolt on item.
    3. Proper inletting of the barrel channel with in some cases free floating and
    in other cases pressure bedding. Not a b.....
    4. A trigger that brakes crisp and clean with minimum of overtravel and
    reasonable weight of pull.
    5. A good cleaning on a barrel that may be a bit rough and builds up copper
    fouling excessively.
    6. Perhaps lapping of that rough barrel by someone who knows what they
    are doing.
    7. Oh ya, a shooter that knows how to shoot will cure a lot of inaccuracy

    Winchester / Browning has their Boss system (I believe that is what it was called) that was supposed to tune a barrel and the reports were positive on it as I remember but it looked like heck in my opinion and added about 4 inches to the length of a rifle.

    This is probably not what you wanted to hear but that is what I have learned through extensive reading and gun tinkering.