What are your thoughts and opinions on the charter brand revolvers?

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by Looking to learn, Feb 23, 2020.

  1. JimRau

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    I have owned and used both and I prefer Taurus over Charter. But both are dependable and will work for SD/CC.
  2. kfox75

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    In my experience, it depends on if we are talking about the original Charter arms, Charter 2000, or the current Charter arms. The new ones seem to work fine, and hold up well, but with alloy frames, most I know are leery of running hotter loads through them. The older stuff just seems more stoutly built, but there were issues with some models, most of which i heard of second hand, so i take them with a grain of salt, if not the whole damn shaker. Most bashing them had issues with the AR7 platform rifles or pistol, and swore off all CA products due to them.

    Currently I own 6 CA firearms, 3 of their AR7 EXPLORER rifles (Black, silver, and camo), an AR7 Explorer II pistol, an early 80s produced Off Duty (stainless, shrouded barrel), and a late 70s 3 inch Bulldog (Blued .44 Special), left to me by a friend's mother, when she passed away from cancer 15 years ago. All were used when bought, the Explorer II was a basket case project, and all of them function fine, the Explorers after doing a little bit of work on them for reliability. Both revolvers have sights that suck, but are accurate, with good triggers, with no work on them, on my part, to get them there.

    I'm not saying the new batch is bad, but they don't feel quite as nice when I'm shooting them, with the exception of my friend's Undercoverette in .327. Hers is smooth, but it took her about 600 rounds to get it there.

    If it fits your hand, and meets your needs, consider one, but if there is also a used S&W 36 sitting there for about the same price (Around here, the S&W usually runs %$25 to $50 less than a new CA), I'd say go with the S&W. If they have a used Charter, for a good price (mine came with most of a box of .38 Special 158 gr. LRN, a Bianchi clip on leather holster, and a pair of HKS Speed Loaders for $160 OTD, so it was an impulse buy for me.), check out the CA. You can get a lot of gun, for little money, buying an older one used.
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