What are your personal "ABSOLUTES"

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by downsouth, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. downsouth

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    I was in the work truck this morning driving on my route when on the radio came a Led Zep song. I thought, they have to be the greatest "rock band" of all time, absolutely. So that lead to some more absolutes.

    1) There is a god. I will get to him through Jesus.

    2) A constitutional Republic is the best form of government. When adheared to.

    3) George Washington is the countrys greatest President. He was the indispensible man.

    4) The Colt 1911 is the best handgun matched with ammo in history.

    5) A shotgun trumps a pistol for self defense. Unless you are fighting inside a phone booth.

    6) Nobody loves you like your Mother.

    7) Kids need bounderies and consequences, as well as nuturing and praise.

    8) The f150 is the best overall truck in history.

    9) You are responsible for your life. Choices have consequences, choose wisely in all things big and small.

    10) Happiness is choice.

    11) A quality Kentucky straight bourbon is the best liquor. Over ice is the best way to drink it.

    12) Led Zepplin is the greatest rock band of all time.

    13) The SOUTH shall rise again.

    What say y'all and your "absolutes."
  2. kryptar19

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    I agree with everything you say...well I prefer a nice lager to bourbon..so almost everything.

  3. therewolf

    therewolf New Member

    1. There IS a God. I'm not him.

    2. I'm a patriot, and I will die for my country. From

    the looks of things lately, very possibly within it's own borders.

    3. Thomas Jefferson is my hero.

    4. The Germans made pistols efficient, with the 9mm round. The

    45ACP, as with many Browning innovations, is truly something special.

    5. Shotguns are overrated, punishing with recoil, and require regular

    practice. Wonderfully scary reputations, though.

    6. Nobody busts your balls like your mother, either. You never feel

    that indebted to anyone ever again.

    7. Kids need boundaries, and consequences, as well as nurturing and praise.

    8. IME, the Silverado is probably the best, but I'd trust a rusty rollerskate

    before I ever get another f150...

    9. Can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em. NOBODY's "GOT TO PAY", and anybody with

    so little respect for their ancestors, that they birth their children directly into the

    mantle of poverty, richly deserve Obamas's legacy.

    10. Hard work is a good thing. Was happiest when I had callusses on my hands the size of quarters.

    11. Enjoyable drink, drunk by enjoyable company, is one of the finer things of life.

    12. Cover songs help define a band's sound and quality. Any decent band plays in normal mode,

    then has the ability to switch to another gear.

    13. The South shall rise again. Hopefully I'll be helping lift it at the time...:)
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  4. trip286

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    I have very few absolutes.

    I do believe in God.

    Don't mess with the ones I love.

    A man's word is his most binding contract. How a man treats his own contract, indicates his quality.
  5. Sonic82

    Sonic82 New Member

    No question about that!
  6. winds-of-change

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    "Nobody loves you like your Mother."

    That is absolutely true. It is an incredibly powerful love. My son is getting married in May and my future DIL played a song for me that she thought would be a good Mom/son dance at the wedding. I literally sobbed hearing it. And I was so embarrassed. My love for my children is a love that is stronger than anyone can imagine.

    "Happiness is choice."

    This is absolutely true. I can think of many people who expect others to make them happy. My ex is one of them. He's miserable and it's everyone's fault for making him that way. And, no, it wasn't just me. :) He is 59 years old and still can't figure out why he's so unhappy. *shrugs*

    "A quality Kentucky straight bourbon is the best liquor. Over ice is the best way to drink it."

    This is only half true. Though I like Gentleman Jack, it's best served neat.

    "Led Zepplin is the greatest rock band of all time."

    I disagree. I think it might just be Queen.

    My absolutes (and I may have to add more as I think about it more)

    Women must learn to be independent. Get an education, a good job and know how to survive alone. Don't put lock, stock and barrel into depending on anyone to take care of you throughout your life. Know your finances and how to budget, pay bills, learn to deal with service people, bankers, etc.

    Pets make one's life much happier.

    Surround yourself with good people. Good friends enhance one's life.

    Be good to your family members. Friends and spouses may come and go but your family will be your family forever.

    Never turn your back on a child or animal in need.

    And what brings it all together for me is.....

    "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Matthew 7:2

    (And really, I'm not a particularly religious person.)
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  7. downsouth

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    Very nice additions to the absolutes woc. There is a case for Queen to be made but Zep really started it all and was way ahead of their time.


    Yea that will be in my head for the day.
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  8. vincent

    vincent New Member

    +1 on everything but the Ford...barf! :D :D :D

    1-Never, ever complain...someone always has it worse...

    2-No matter how good you think you are at something, there is always someone better...

    3-Dave Groel is the Paul McCartney of this generation...

    4-There is no creature more loyal to man than a dog...

    5-To be upset over what you don't have is to waste what you do have...

    6-Bacon...'nuff said...:p
  9. Sonic82

    Sonic82 New Member

    1) Children, Humor and Music are life's greatest gifts.

    2) Electricity is man's greatest invention.

    3) Domesticating and developing the wolf subspecies is mans greatest achievment.

    4) Penicillin is man's greatest discovery.

    4) Bob Dillion will go down as America's greatest songwriter.

    5) We are not alone in this universe.

    6) Discovering an activity you have a passion for offers life's greatest reward.

    7) Money is all it's cracked up to be.

    8) I am more fortunate than most.

    9) Integrity is a persons greatest virtue.

    10) Without a sense of wonder..life is incomplete.
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  10. 25-5

    25-5 New Member

    As I started reading Downsouth's first post, I thought, here we go, fuzzy time for shooters. I was correct, and it was pleasing to see so many with shared values of country, family, animals, friends, and fellow man, all with the caveat of "Don't tread on me".
    Outsiders don't get it. F'em, and I don't mean that in a fuzzy way.
  11. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member Admin Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    Freddie Murcery was in incredible talent. Unmatched, if you ask me.

    What the heck is wrong with you? It's Bob Dylan.....not Dillon. I have loved that man since I was 12 (and that's a looong time ago) and have seen him in concert more times than I can count. First time in 1974. I agree. He is the best song writer that has ever lived. Yep, he is. He was in Chicago last night and sad to say, I wasn't there. Concert tickets are incredibly expensive. But if I coulda, I woulda been there.
    That reminds me to put my Bob Dylan Christmas CD in my 6 disc changer in my car. I'll listen to it clean through 'till March. :eek:

    That is very true and I carry that attitude, too. When I was raising my children as a single Mom and I felt like the world was closing in on me, I reminded myself I had an education and a good job, I was in my own home (though I had a mortgage), my kids didn't get into trouble and we were happy and loved each other.
    There are many single woman flipping burgers at a McDonalds trying to raise their kids, in a dump of an apartment with kids running the streets because Mom's at work. I was incredibly lucky and I knew it. :cool:
  12. AsSeenOnTV

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  13. Blueguns

    Blueguns New Member

    1. A Free Constitutional Republic is the ONLY form of government.

    2. The right to bear arms is an extremely imortant right, and at no time shall it be infringed.

    3. You are right, The South will rise again, and I'll be the first Californian to move to Dixie and fight!

    4. Lynyrd Skynyrd is the best rock band ever!

    5. Johnny Cash is the best country musician ever.

    6. We are all God's children, and Jesus is our savior.

    7. I will never sacrifice any of my ideals, no matter who they "offend".

    8. Family is always #1.

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  14. racer_x

    racer_x New Member

    For me,

    1. God i try to make God #1 in my life everyday, an Jesus is my savior, I thank him everytime I harvest somthing for my table

    2. Family, it took m e so long to have kids my first wife couldnt, then got sick and left this earth at 29. My current wife brought me out of a darkness i wish upon no man.I owe her my life!Today i wake up and smile Happiness is a choise!!

    3 Good company means alot

    4 Pets are a wonderfull gift from God, on top of the 10 puppies i have now some asshat droped another off at the church across the street from my house i watched it for 2 days. Its in with the rest of my clan getting its tummy full again, i wont watch anything starve, ive been there!!

    5 lol ok as for drink 16th bday gramps asked if i wana drink? Well hell yes i do my first "high ball" that day was evan williams Im all about the "patron" today im a sipper. God made coors light just for me lol.

    6 music
    country= Johny Cash, Hank and his son, Randy Travis and Garth Brooks
    rock an roll= Blacksabath
    blues=BB king and friends Muddy Waters Big Mama Thorton

    7 Sombody said somthing about finding a hobby or somthing that you can be passionet about. what a differance it makes in life. Mines wood ive got 3 projects going now 1 old ceder chest that was my greatgramas refinish its bad ugly i gata make it look nice, stock for my sons 22, 3 aspen walking sticks

    the more i think about this the more i could write
  15. downsouth

    downsouth New Member

    You are on to me and where I want to take the thread after all who want to comment or make their list.
  16. Sonic82

    Sonic82 New Member

    Southern rock you say?...I'd have to go with The Allman Brothers..sorry.
  17. AsSeenOnTV

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  18. Threetango

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    This is my only Absolut and makes a perfect James Bond Martini.

    3 ounces Gordon’s gin
    1 ounce Absolut vodka
    1/2 ounce Kina Lillet
    Green olives or twist of lemon peel

  19. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    1) definately agree with 101%.....:D

    2) again i agree with this!

    3) again another one that makes good sense to me as well.

    4) Hell Yes!:D

    5) pistol is what used until you get to the shotgun!:eek:

    6) True!:D

    7) very true and well said!

    8) the Dodge Ram. Mopar all the way!:D

    9) very well said again!

    10) yes, and i choose to be happy! (well most of the time, when i'm not grumpy!)

    11) i like that too, unless i have a really, really ice cold beer!:D

    12) i'm more of a Lynyrd Skynyrd kind of guy myself!:D

    13) i'm hoping it will rise again....
  20. downsouth

    downsouth New Member

    True guituar rock.